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This month’s article is being written by Lonnie Borseth.  He is the District Director for Iowa, and we thought it would be interesting to see how well we could write an article for a different state.  Lonnie has a GREAT sense of humor also so he came up with a nice article for us.  On the plus side we are co-mingling with other districts just like the chapters do.  He did his research and here is his article.  Remember he is from Iowa so you will then understand the last line.  Enjoy…


Hello to our GWRRA friends to the Northeast, also known as Wisconsin. I’d like to introduce myself - I’m the Gold Wing that belongs to Lonnie Borseth, the Director for the Iowa District.

You may think that you are the only ones that like to go to rallies, well let me tell you something, us Wings like them even better than you do. We get to park next to each other and talk about all the events we get to ride to with our owners. We get to show off our “Chrome & Lights” and other things that maybe I shouldn’t mention in a newsletter. Don’t tell Lonnie, but I have a girlfriend I get to ride with almost all the time, her name is “Frosty.” WOW! 

OK, back to rallies, I can’t believe I get to ride to Wisconsin three times this year. I like Wisconsin - you have nice roads and CHEESE.  I love CHEESE!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t ride to the first rally, Wing Ding, but I did see some gifts Lonnie bought for me.  I love gifts.

I’m hoping to get to ride to your second rally, the Region E Rally in Wisconsin Rapids on August 7-9, 2014. I’ve been through there before and it’s a great place to see my friends.  My girlfriend will be with me so we’re planning on seeing all our friends and see what new chrome or lights our friends have gotten since last time we saw them. {Hope there will be CHEESE there, I love CHEESE.}

I’m really looking forward to your third rally - the Wisconsin District Rally, September 12-13, 2014 in the Wisconsin Dells.  Again, I love riding in the Dells area and really looking forward to something called “The Ducks.”   I’ve heard you can ride on them, {bet they don’t have all the luxuries that I do}. I know there will be CHEESE here.  I love CHEESE!

These are the rallies I plan on attending, but if Wisconsin is like Iowa, {yea, we’re not} there are many, many Chapter events happening almost every weekend so check them out.  Who knows, you may find a girlfriend you can travel with. Get out and ride because, up here in the North Country, we have a season us Wings don’t like to talk about.

If you have any questions on what’s happening in the great state of Wisconsin, contact your District Director or any of their Team and they will gladly help you. 

One last thing, I can’t believe that the people of Wisconsin don’t know what a “Herky” is.  They are all over the eastern side of Iowa. Sometimes, he goes WILD too, watch out!!

Hope we’ll be seeing all of you at the rallies and maybe we’ll get to “park” next to each other.

Lonnie’s Goldwing, Go Badgers {OUCH that hurt} {Go Hawks! ahhh, that feels better} 


Come to Wisconsin in 2014

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Poem by Jerry Hempe

Save your pennies 
Save your dimes

Look to Wisconsin for Rally Time
You've heard of Haley’s Comet

How a rare site to see

Next year in Wisconsin, we have all three
We don't know if this has ever happened before

But we stand here with an open door
Wing Ding, Region, District, which one is for me
I can't decide, so I'll be at all three
Each Rally is different, they each have their draw
Compare all three and you will be awed
Wing Ding is big, has vendors and more
While Region, more subtle, you will not be bored
Our District Rally we don't have a lot of vendors to share
But all your friends and family will be there
So plan to come to Wisconsin three times next year
It's the party of the century, and it will soon be here.