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Wow, what a great Rally.  Even with a little rain on Friday we had a great turn out.  The rain had stopped about 4:00 which was good so 91 people could enjoy a ride on the Ducks.  On Friday evening we had a big hospitality room where we all relaxed while Marge and April asked trivia questions for prizes.  On Saturday the weather was great.  Some went on a nice guided ride in the morning (thank you Lonnie Borseth for leading it) then everyone enjoyed FREE lunch compliments of the Wisconsin District.  After lunch some went out for another ride lead by Paul Hansen.  I heard it was a beautiful ride.  Some of us did the on-bike games which were both fun and challenging.  There were lots of FREE T shirts given away during the rally.  For those of you who did not make it to the rally, you missed a great time.  Mark your calendar for next year, September 18-19, 2015.  It will be in the Dells again.

As we move on to October, this is usually the planning month for next year.  It is time to ask the question, “Where would you like to go next year?”  What would you like to do?  Then everyone expects the Director to come up with places to go, plan it out, and lead the rides.  I would like to ask you, “How can you help just a little bit?”  A lot of members have been in this organization for a long time, they have ridden just about everywhere.  You know what was cool and what was not.  Put some ideas out there.  You can even use the Where Am I Now stops for day rides.  Along with planning rides is your socials and where to have them.  One thing that would help the Director would be to have members “host” a social.  I am not talking about running the whole thing; just call a restaurant to set up the place and time.  If someone “hosted” each month, that would be 12 phone calls the director wouldn’t have to make.   It is just a little task but it does help in the long run.  Remember the more you put into your chapter the more you get out of it.  I have been visiting chapters lately and I can see more people participating.  I see more excitement in the membership and we are growing.  I see new members in each chapter - be sure to welcome them to your extended family.


Jerry & Marge Hempe
Wisconsin District Directors


Website/Editor Help Needed

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Hey All,

We are letting everyone know that at the end of the year Don and Cheri Walloch are stepping down as District Webmaster and Editor.   These 2 people have done a great job at revamping our District Website.  They have put a lot of time into making it easy to submit articles and to navigate the site.  We sincerely thank Don and Cheri for all their efforts in helping our district.  If you get a chance, thank them for their work.

With that being said, we are looking to fill their position as Webmaster/Editor.  I know there are members out there a lot more tech savvy than I am.  We are looking for someone who is familiar with Word, Excel, and Google Calendar, also Joomla would be a plus but not required.  You should have knowledge of how to manage a website, update and post newsletters, pictures and information to our website.  We are willing to have area editors to help out if need be, you do not have to tackle it all.

The website/editor shall be part of the District staff and should be available to attend at least two district staff meetings per year and attend both the spring and fall Operations Meetings.  They should also be willing to help plan for and work at the District Rally.

We want to keep the District Website interesting. To discuss the details, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 920-979-5967.

Go ahead step forward, take a little challenge, you can help make a difference.


Jerry Hempe
Wisconsin District Director