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This month let’s talk about some of the programs in GWRRA.  We have the Couple of the Year program.  This program recognizes members for their involvement in GWRRA and Chapter life.  This is not a popularity contest; these are members that feel passionate about riding and having fun with others.  If you are asked to be Couple of the Year, you are being honored for all you do.  Let take Bill & Mervi Bannasch for example, they are the current District Couple of the Year.  They joined in 2006 when Bill first got his Trike.  They have been very active from the beginning.  They are at almost every chapter event, willing to help out where ever needed; they want everyone to enjoy the event.  Over the years, Bill became Rider Educator for Chapter C, and now they are both District Rider Educators, along with being Motorist Awareness Division (MAD).  They will be our District Couple of The Year until our Rally in September 2015, when we hope to have other Chapter couples compete to be District Couple of The Year.  There is a grading process to this to make it fair for everyone.  Be sure to congratulate your Couple of The Year for this year and encourage them to continue to the next level.

Speaking of Levels, we have the Rider Ed levels program.  I will not go into details here, but this program keeps us thinking and riding safely with the Experienced Riders Course (ERC) and Trike Riders Course (TRC).  The dates for this year are being set up now.  There will be information sent out on this soon.  These courses are excellent for keeping our slow riding skills sharp.  Slow riding as in going thru parking lots, heavy traffic and even parades.  It is amazing what we can do with these big bikes.  As an example, some people see me doing circles in a parking lot and think I am playing around ( ok maybe a little), but I am keeping my skills sharp on handling my bike.

Another benefit is free seminars.  We have presenters that will come to your chapter and present one of the many seminars we offer.  There are classes on safety, packing, memory, riding in the heat and many more.  We have over 40 different topics, all geared toward you and riding.  Take advantage of these; ask your director if they can set one up at your social.

These are just some of the benefits of GWRRA.  You can see, being an active member with a chapter, you get more than just a magazine, towing and a Gold Book.  You gain knowledge and friends for life.


Jerry & Marge Hempe

Wisconsin District Directors


Wingo 2015 Pictures

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 * W I N G O   Pics* 

WINGO was held January 10th  at 1pm

at Ledgeview Lanes, Fond du Lac


We had a GREAT TIME at Wingo 2015.  We want to thank all of those who came and participated and those who helped in any way.  We had a great turnout!  Check out the pictures ...  Thank You, Deb Wessel for the pictures.

Click HERE for Pictures