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Hey All,


First a big announcement.  Chapter C is this year’s CHAPTER OF THE YEAR.  Yahoo!!  Congratulations to Dave & Jill Krizizke and the entire chapter for this award.  They prepared all year for this and it shows.  It is a great honor to be selected as Chapter of the Year.  Also, Chapter N achieved the Bronze level for Chapter of the Year.  Congratulations to Jay & Tena Flatow and their entire chapter for an award well received.  If you get a chance, be sure to congratulate both chapters.


The Chapter of the Year Program is divided into four major areas. They are General Chapter, Membership Enhancement, Rider Education and Leadership Training. One of the internal goals of developing and updating the score sheet each year is to ensure that the points for the General Chapter area accounts for a large portion of the score and that the other three major areas remain fairly equal. By doing this, Chapters that are stronger in Rider Education do not have an unfair advantage over Chapters that might not be so strong in Rider Education. The same example can be used for Chapters that are stronger in Membership Enhancement or Leadership Training. Scoring in this manner helps meet the program’s goal by ensuring that small as well as large Chapters have an equal opportunity to win and be recognized as the best Chapter in all of GWRRA.


This past weekend we had our Operations Meeting in the Dells.  We gave out a lot of information for the upcoming year.  One thing that was brought up is membership participation.  I will not bore you with all the details, but we did discuss changes.


Change can be difficult for some people, while others embrace it.  Your Chapter Director will be looking at some of the changes that can be made to increase participation.  Do not be afraid of change - instead open your mind and try new things.  Is it bad to change your social date or times?  Is it bad to want more rides?  No.  These are things that we need to keep changing to accommodate more members.  Your Director may be asking for some help also.  Each chapter will be making a brochure for themselves and their calendar.  Someone in each chapter probably knows how to make one.  We are asking for help from anyone willing to spend a little time making a chapter brochure.

Rider Educators had many updates as well that Bill Bannasch talked about; ERC/TRC courses and more educational seminars available.  Your Rider Education person can fill you in at your next social.


Membership Enhancement talked about Couple of the Year and Chapter of the Year.  On Sunday Frank and Sharon conducted a Boot Camp for Couple of the Year participants.  Frank will give his report on that later.


There was much more discussed and we will talk about more next month.  Look forward to the future and help your Director with upcoming events.  The more you participate, the more fun you will have.


Wisconsin District Survey

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You have heard of the TV game, Family Feud.  The game is played by guessing the top answers to questions asked by a survey.  Before the game can be played, people must first be surveyed - here is your chance to help.  Below is a link to a survey to see how we can better serve you.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out so we can get an idea of what you are looking for from GWRRA Wisconsin.  This information will be forwarded to your particular Chapter Director as feedback.

When you complete the survey by Thursday, May 1, your name will be automatically entered into a drawing for $50.00!  We ask that all members of GWRRA Wisconsin take the survey, so this could double your chances to win in your household.  For a few minutes of your time and to help us understand and plan the future of GWRRA in Wisconsin, you could put extra gas in your tank.  The drawing will be held at Dust Off - you are encouraged to be present, but need not be present to win (one entry per GWRRA-WI member).

Please click here to answer our survey (actually click on the words "click here" underlined in brown).  Let's see where we can help most.

The Wisconsin District Team


Come to Wisconsin in 2014

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Poem by Jerry Hempe

Save your pennies 
Save your dimes

Look to Wisconsin for Rally Time
You've heard of Haley’s Comet

How a rare site to see

Next year in Wisconsin, we have all three
We don't know if this has ever happened before

But we stand here with an open door
Wing Ding, Region, District, which one is for me
I can't decide, so I'll be at all three
Each Rally is different, they each have their draw
Compare all three and you will be awed
Wing Ding is big, has vendors and more
While Region, more subtle, you will not be bored
Our District Rally we don't have a lot of vendors to share
But all your friends and family will be there
So plan to come to Wisconsin three times next year
It's the party of the century, and it will soon be here.