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It's September and time for our District Rally.  Yes this has been a busy year for Wisconsin.  We had two other rallies and they were very well attended by Wisconsin members.  We hope you will show your enthusiasm one more time and attend the District Rally. 


You have been hearing about it all year.  You hopefully have taken your pictures at Wing Ding and at the Region Rally.  Now you need to print the pictures and bring them to the Membership Enhancement table to earn your Trifecta patch.  Your pictures can be printed from your computer - nothing fancy, and we will have them displayed on a big board at the rally.  At the end of the rally we will be taking a group photo of everyone that earned the patch, so please stay after for the photos. 


Speaking of our rally, did you see the schedule of events?  It is posted on the website if you haven't seen it yet.  We have many things for you to do, like seminars, guided rides, Duck ride on Friday at 5:00, how to change an air filter on a GL1800, to an evening social on Friday night.   We even have a Mascot social Friday evening.  Yes, your mascots are special too.   Bring them along Friday evening and let them meet other mascots.  Whether it is your chapter or your personal one, let everyone know how special it is.  Who knows, there may be some crazy pictures and stories to tell.  I know our chapter mascot, C More, is quite the character with his piercing and police record.  He almost got me arrested one evening, but that's another story. 


There are many other things going on in the Dells our weekend.   In the downtown area is Wo-Zha-Wa festival.  It is the big final weekend before some places close for the season.  There is a Ford Truck show at a nearby hotel, and of course we have guided rides to view the beautiful area.  With all this going on you should not be bored.   Be sure to get your registration in so we can get a count on the FREE meal on Saturday. 


See you at the Rally.



Jerry Hempe

Wisconsin District Director


Thank You

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Wow, and then there was the Couple of the Year selection.  You have no idea what it felt like to walk out on that stage and see the sea of red shirts, sparkly red headbands, and cow bells from our Wisconsin members.  It was an awesome, nerve wracking experience that we will never forget.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those that were in the crowd supporting us.  You have no idea what it means to have members cheering for you when you walk out on the stage.  We were proud to be on the stage with couples representing Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska.  


We were honored to be chosen as Couple of the Year at the Chapter level, then at the District level, and now at the Region level.  By entering the Couple of the Year selection, you are honoring your chapter, district, and region back — thanking them for selecting you to represent them.  The least you can do is return that honor, right?  So all you couples out there that have been chosen at the chapter level, please consider going through the process at the district level and beyond.  You will meet some wonderful people—and it’s a lot of fun!!!


We will do our best to represent Region E over the next year.


Cheri and Don Walloch

Region E Couple of the Year


Come to Wisconsin in 2014

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Poem by Jerry Hempe

Save your pennies 
Save your dimes

Look to Wisconsin for Rally Time
You've heard of Haley’s Comet

How a rare site to see

Next year in Wisconsin, we have all three
We don't know if this has ever happened before

But we stand here with an open door
Wing Ding, Region, District, which one is for me
I can't decide, so I'll be at all three
Each Rally is different, they each have their draw
Compare all three and you will be awed
Wing Ding is big, has vendors and more
While Region, more subtle, you will not be bored
Our District Rally we don't have a lot of vendors to share
But all your friends and family will be there
So plan to come to Wisconsin three times next year
It's the party of the century, and it will soon be here.