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It’s here.  A year of anticipation and Wing Ding is finally here.  We in Wisconsin have many things to do for Wing Ding, and we, the District Staff, really appreciate all you are stepping up to do for this event to make Wisconsin proud.  This event will be over before you know it.  But while at Wing Ding be sure to visit booth #1127 and pre-register for the Region E and Wisconsin District Rallies.  We are offering an incentive for you to sign up.  During Wing Ding if you register for either rally you will be entered into a drawing for $50.00.  This is for each rally so you could win up to $100.00.  Be sure to find us in the vendor section.

Soon the venders will be gone, the visitors will be headed home, but we will have a lot of new members that signed up at Wing Ding.  Each chapter will find out over the next couple of months in their area reports about the new members.  Some may join just to get into Wing Ding, some may not know about chapter life, but we need to contact them as soon as possible.  This brings me to the next step in our “12 Keys to a Better Chapter.”  Contact all your members at least once a year whether it is done by phone, email, mail, or in person.  People’s lives change every 5-7 years.  Children grow up, they move, retire, etc.  If you contact them some get involved again or even for the first time.  This is really easy for a new director.  It lets the members know there was a change in leadership and they may give it another try.

To help with first contact of new members we have a booth at Wing Ding.  It is #1127.   We want to help all the chapters and give the new member information about their local chapter in their area.  This is why we were looking for the brochures.

Next month, August 7-9 is our Region Rally.  Have you ever been to a Region Rally before?  This is your chance; you will be able to make new friends from out of state.  What better way to be a good host than to host this rally.  There are many things to do in Wisconsin Rapids from rides to free ice cream to a lighted parade.  Plan to go to the region rally and see what it has to offer.  Click on this link to see the region schedule.

I know going to all three rallies in one year can tap into the budget, but being part of such a rare thing to have all three in Wisconsin is something you want to say, “I was there for all three, and I earned the Trifecta patch.”  Did you look at what each rally costs?  Our District Rally is only $15.00 per person, and that includes a FREE lunch and a $5.00 food voucher (the first 200) for the restaurant.  We want to give back as much as we can to you, the member.  We could not be a great organization without you.

The timing is great, the price is right (not the game show) so register now while you are thinking of it.  Just say, “Honey, let’s go to all three rallies.  Let’s see what the differences are first hand.”  You will be glad you did.

Jerry Hempe


Come to Wisconsin in 2014

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Poem by Jerry Hempe

Save your pennies 
Save your dimes

Look to Wisconsin for Rally Time
You've heard of Haley’s Comet

How a rare site to see

Next year in Wisconsin, we have all three
We don't know if this has ever happened before

But we stand here with an open door
Wing Ding, Region, District, which one is for me
I can't decide, so I'll be at all three
Each Rally is different, they each have their draw
Compare all three and you will be awed
Wing Ding is big, has vendors and more
While Region, more subtle, you will not be bored
Our District Rally we don't have a lot of vendors to share
But all your friends and family will be there
So plan to come to Wisconsin three times next year
It's the party of the century, and it will soon be here.