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I remember the day like it was yesterday; February 12, 2001, the day Brad and I walked into our first Social.  We had just signed up for Gold Wing Road Riders Association the day before at the International Motorcycle Show in Minneapolis.  Our goal was to learn more about Gold Wings and find others that wanted to get out and ride. I don’t think either one of us were prepared for the wonderful detour our life was about to take.


As we walked into the meeting room we were warmly greeted by the Chapter Director, Doug Greenhalgh. Some in the room gave a smile while others gave a shy glance. We found a spot to sit as the meeting was about to begin.  And oh what a meeting…First there was talk about COY, Rider Ed and Region and District events.  I got lost trying to understand all the acronyms but it was informative and the rides they were discussing sounded like fun.


Then the subject changed to some kind of Rally that would be held in Chippewa Falls. Doug informed the group that there will be a “Fairest of the Fair” contest where the Chapter Directors and Assistant Directors will partake in a fun filled “beauty” pageant. The Directors would need to dress in some type of gown, and the Assistant would dress as a farm animal. Now this got my attention!!  You need help dressing in drag???  Oh yeah!!  I can help with that. You need help creating a costume of a farm animal??  Oh Yeah!  I can help with that.


From that very first meeting I got involved. I know for many it takes longer to get involved, but everyone is looking for a reason to return to see what else the chapter has to offer. It might be a ride, a rally or just great conversation with others about motorcycles.


But a Chapter can not keep going without participation. As the saying goes, IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD. The Chapter Director cannot do this alone. It takes ALL the members’ help to keep the Chapter growing.  It may be something as little as offering to lead a ride, baking a cake for someone’s birthday, calling other members to remind them of an upcoming event or stepping up and becoming an officer. Every little bit helps.  Please ask your Chapter Director if he/she needs help.  Get involved!  

This journey Brad and I have been on for the past 14 years has taken us all around the country and we really have met the nicest people on a Honda. It really has been ‘A Wonderful Life’!


With that said, my suggestion to you is to visit with your friends, have fun, be safe and help support your local chapter.


Merry Christmas everyone!


April Johnsted

Assistant District Director - Wisconsin


Website/Editor Help Needed

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Hey All,

We are letting everyone know that at the end of the year Don and Cheri Walloch are stepping down as District Webmaster and Editor.   These 2 people have done a great job at revamping our District Website.  They have put a lot of time into making it easy to submit articles and to navigate the site.  We sincerely thank Don and Cheri for all their efforts in helping our district.  If you get a chance, thank them for their work.

With that being said, we are looking to fill their position as Webmaster/Editor.  I know there are members out there a lot more tech savvy than I am.  We are looking for someone who is familiar with Word, Excel, and Google Calendar, also Joomla would be a plus but not required.  You should have knowledge of how to manage a website, update and post newsletters, pictures and information to our website.  We are willing to have area editors to help out if need be, you do not have to tackle it all.

The website/editor shall be part of the District staff and should be available to attend at least two district staff meetings per year and attend both the spring and fall Operations Meetings.  They should also be willing to help plan for and work at the District Rally.

We want to keep the District Website interesting. To discuss the details, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 920-979-5967.

Go ahead step forward, take a little challenge, you can help make a difference.


Jerry Hempe
Wisconsin District Director