Today Chapter Directors, Membership Enhancement Coordinators, Rider Education Coordinators and especially the Chapter Newsletter Editors have to be able to use Word and some Excel.  GWRRA does not require you to go out and purchase these softwares to do these tasks.  There is a software that is free to download off of the internet called Open Office.  This is completely free for anyone to use, but just be sure you read everything when you go thru the instructions while downloading.  They have boxes automatically checked that will install tool bars on your browser, for example, that you may not wish to have there.  All you have to do is uncheck that particular box.

This Open Office software has been tested by us and I can assure you that it is comparable to using Microsoft Office, which includes Word and Excel.  So again there is no need to go purchase these softwares.  The link to download Open Office is

Don & Cheri Walloch
District Newletter/Website Editors

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