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Chapter C

Directors: Bob & Judy Von Rotz
Phone: 920-923-6495

Chapter Website:

CHAPTER C NEWS – August, 2018


Chapter Social Date:  August 4, 2018

Social Location:  Rolling Meadows Family Restaurant 947 South Rolling Meadows Drive, Fond du Lac, WI

Time:  Social at 9:00 am Ride 10:30am Saturday

Contact: Bob and Judy Von Rotz - 920-923-6495, 920-979-0282,

Chapter Website:



Social & Ride – July 3 Tuesday - Pie/Ice Cream Ride- Ardy & Ed’s              [Attended 11]

Social – July 8 Sunday – Golden Corral Meal                                               [Attended 17]

Ride after Social                                                                                      [Attended 8]

Social & Ride – July 10 Tuesday - Pie/Ice Cream Ride- Green Lake Park   [Attended 11]

Ride – July 11 Wednesday Fortunate Soul's Ride, - Amish Ride                  [Attended 2]

Social & Ride – July 17 Tuesday – Pie/Ice Cream Ride – Kelley’s                [Attended 16]

Social & Ride – July 24 Tuesday – Pie/Ice Cream Ride-Gilles Custard        [Attended 11]

Social – July 28 Saturday – Lake Picnic-                                                       [Attended 24]

Social & Ride – July 31 Tuesday - Pie/Ice Cream Ride - A&W                      [Attended 17]

ACTIVITIES FOR August – 2018

Social & Ride – Aug 4 Saturday –Social Rolling Meadows Family Restaurant Meal 9:00am, Ride 10:30am

947 South Rolling Meadows Drive, Fond du Lac - Bob and Judy Von Rotz Hosts - 920-923-6495

Ride After Social - Elegant Farmer Mukwonago, & Troy Electric RR East Troy Leo and Linda Prentice - 630-240-6376

Social & Ride – Aug 7 Tuesday - Ride 6:00pm, Meet 6:30pm

Pie/Ice Cream Ride- Ardy & Eds -2413 S Main St, Oshkosh - Leo and Linda Prentice - 630-240-6376

Social & Ride – Aug 9-12 Weekend GWRRA UP Mich. Ride Marenisco, Michigan Bruce & Don

Social & Ride – Aug 14 Tuesday - Ride 6:00pm, meet 7:00pm

Pie/Ice Cream Ride - Friesland At the downtown park and shelter-Friesland

- Leo and Linda Prentice - 630-240-6376

CANCELLED Ride – Aug 15 Wednesday - Fortunate Soul's Ride – Time TBD Lambeau Ride Bill & Mervi Bannasch

Social & Ride – Aug 21 Tuesday - Ride 6:00pm, Meet 6:30pm

Pie/Ice Cream Ride-Frogg's - Sherwood ?? - Leo and Linda Prentice - 630-240-6376

No Call from Race Director - Ride -- Aug 26  “Race the Lake”-Lakeside Park-FDL - TBD

Social & Ride – Aug 28 Tuesday – 6:00PM

                Pie/Ice Cream Ride-Kelley’s- W5215 County Road B, Fond Du Lac, WI- Leo and Linda Prentice - 630-240-6376

Social & Ride - Aug 28-Sept 1 week WING DING-NATIONAL-Tennessee

ACTIVITIES FOR September – 2018

Social & Ride – Sept 1 – Saturday Kite’s Over Lake Michagan - Dave and Jill Krizizke Hosts - 920-251-0548

Social & Ride – Sept 4 – Tuesday Adder Pie/Ice Cream – Scoop’s Chilton - Bob and Judy Von Rotz Hosts - 920-923-6494

Social – Sept 9 - Sunday Golden Corral Meal - 9:00AM, Ride 10:30am

580 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh, WI - Bob and Judy Von Rotz Hosts - 920-923-6495

Ride After Social - Tod & Christine Hellman

Social & Ride – Sept 14&15 – Friday/Saturday WI District Rally

 – Frank & Sharon Jackson Wintergreen Resort - Wisconsin Dells

Social & Ride – Sept 19 – Wednesday Crystal Café, Iola – George Gunther


From The Director:

Hi Everyone

August already, store are starting with back to school sales, days are starting to get shorter, EAA, football practice started. Time keeps flying by. Beautiful weather for riding. Even with all the road construction, orange barrels, and detours.

Please be safe around the construction areas and on the road in general. Thank you to Leo & Linda for hosting Chapter C’s picnic and for everyone who attended. All the food and the company was very good.

Again, for anyone that is going to Wing Ding. From the District Director Frank & Sharon Jackson “The Wisconsin District will be working the ticket sales booth at Wing Ding this year in Knoxville. If you will be attending and would like to volunteer to help on Wednesday August 29th please let us know. We will only need to cover 1 day and there will be three shifts, 8:00am-11:00am, 11:00am-2:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm. You will need to be there 15 minutes prior to your shift for explanation of how the ticket packages are sold. We need 10 volunteers for each shift. So please if you are interested in helping out, please let us know.   Thank you all in advance for helping and we'll see you at Wing Ding!

Again, here is a plea for a second Assistant Chapter Director. We need to have someone voluntary to fill this position so Leo & Linda have an Assistant when they take over the Chapter Directors position. Sorry for repeating this.

Please keep our thought on our members with medical issues and any other needs.

Thanks and more to come next month.

Ride Smart & Be Safe!

Thank You, every one for the help and support.

Bob & Judy Von Rotz

Chapter C Directors


The Educator:       AUGUST 2018

WOW.  How fast is this summer going by.  We’ve been really busy though, what with all our Chapter ice cream rides, out-of-state rides, fortunate soul’s rides, and other specialty group rides.  Our GWRRA Wing Ding celebration down in Tennessee will be arriving soon, too.  It is scheduled at the end of this month from August 28 thru September 1st.  The journey to Wing Ding always offers some adventures for everyone and there is always a lot of exciting things to do to keep everyone busy during the entire weekend:  -numerous sight-seeing group rides, entertainment shows, seminars, rider skills courses, games to play, lots of great food… and having fun & visiting with friends and meeting new people.  Some of you may even be thinking of volunteering some of your time at some of the events or GWRRA sales booths.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget about all those early Christmas vendor product “shopping sprees”-$$ with all that extra “plastic” in our pockets.  Wherever the ride(s) take us, SAFETY in riding should always be our main concern.  Proper riding gear, helmets, first-aid kits, T-CLOCK before heading out, adherence with team riding, staying hydrated, frequent breaks… 

All I want to say is Be SAFE!  Be Careful!

Anndd—have FUN, FUN, FUN.    

Bill & Mervi Bannasch

Chapter-C The Educators




From the Chapter Mascot- “C” More Wings

Hello to all my Chapter Friends

I do not like all the orange barrels and gravel.

Let’s be safe and ride.

Watch Facebook for my Posting.

See you soon.

“C” More Wings


Happy Birthday: June

August 1 - Marie Minz

August 4 - Mervi Bannasch

August 14 - Jill Bradley

August 14 - Patti Jones

August 29 - Gina Banach


Happy Anniversaries: June

August 9 - Jon & Kathy Urban

August 15 - Dave & Nancy Stormer

August 16 - Dave & Jill Krizizke

August 16 - Chuck & Chris Quackenboss

August 17 - Tim & Dori Easterson

August 17 - Greg & Missy Meath

August 17 - Leo & Linda Prentice

August 25 - Lynn & Mary Randell

August 31 - Bob & Judy Von Rotz

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