Bob and Judy Von Rotz

Chapter C

Directors: Bob & Judy Von Rotz
Phone: 920-923-6495

Chapter Website:


Chapter Social Date: February 3, 2018

Social Location: Rolling Meadows Family Restaurant -947 South Rolling Meadows Drive, Fond du Lac

Time: 10:00 A.M. Saturday

Contact: Bob and Judy Von Rotz - 920-923-6495, 920-979-0282,

Chapter Website:


Activities for January:

January 7, 2018                 Golden Corral 580 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh, WI (Attended 30)

January 13, 2018               WI District Wingo Event Fire House Cambria, WI (Attended ??)

January 20, 2018               Fish Fry Missy Meath - (Attended ??)


Activities for February:

Feb 3     Saturday              Social Rolling Meadows Family Rest.

Feb 11   Sunday                 Sweet Heart’s Gathering Roxy, Oshkosh 1:00 RSVP Please Linda P.

Feb 17   Saturday              Pool Party Jerry & Margie Hempe Fond du Lac, 4:00 Pot Luck RSVP Please


Activities for March: 

March 4    Sunday             Golden Corral 580 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh, WI

March 17  Saturday         Casino Weekend Missy Meath - RSVP Please

March 24  Saturday         Chile Tasting Social - Ken & Leanne Hansen – Berlin 12:00 RSVP Please



From The Directors:

Hi Everyone

January has flown by. We had a good turnout for the breakfast social. The first District event “Wingo” was held in Cambria. Missy & Greg had a fish fry at their home. By the pictures it looked like a great time. Judy and I could not make it, both of us were sick. Sorry we missed it.

January weather wise was a weird month, weeks of record cold days and then record warm days. In mid-January we received a message from George. “Such a nice day went for a ride, when I got back to town I thought I would stop at the Beach, but a sign said Beach Closed”. Thanks for the pictures also George.

With February and Ground Hog day coming, hopefully we get good news that winter will be short and spring is just around the corner.

That’s all for now and hope to see everyone at the next event.

Thanks and more to come next month.

Ride Smart & Be Safe!

Thank You, every one for the help and support.

Bob & Judy Von Rotz

Chapter C Directors


Rider Education:                                                                February 2018

There have been quite a lot of NEW changes to our Gold Wing Association.  Sometimes this is acceptable, sometimes it is not.  Our Rider Education Program is still an active part of GWRRA and is in-process of being re-vamped, updated, and re-organized for the benefit of all of our Members.  The Levels of 1-4 have always been strong within our safety training programs and will still remain available to, and encouraged of, all of our Members as well as all of the Rider Skill Courses (ARC, Trike, etc.).  There are also RiderEd Seminar modules that are being updated by both of our GWRRA Leadership and RiderEd Teams and will be introduced as they become available throughout the year.  We are a family of Gold Wing Riders, dedicated to our credo of: FRIENDS for FUN, SAFETY & KNOWLEDGE, whatever the season, whether we’re on our bikes or driving our vehicles.  Drive Safe and Ride SAFE.

Bill & Mervi Bannasch Chapter-C Educators                                                                                                                                                                                                               (920) 312-4347 or 48.

From the Chapter Mascot- “C” More Wings

Hello to all my Chapter Friends

In the winter hibernation mode.

See what Ground Hog day brings.

Let’s be safe and ride.

Watch Facebook for my Posting.

See you soon.

“C” More Wings


Happy February Birthday

Feb. 4    Tod Hellman

Feb. 7    Richard Reiter

Feb, 22 Janet Lauber

Feb. 22 Christine Hellman

Feb. 23 Judy Von Rotz

Feb. 24 Todd Schneider

Feb. 24 Lynn Zacharias

Feb. 27 George Gunther

Feb. 27 Donna Bender

Feb. 27 Diana Reiter

Feb. 28 Craig Hempe



Happy February Anniversary

Feb. 11 Brian & Pam Johnston