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Chapter C

Directors: Bob & Judy Von Rotz
Phone: 920-923-6495

Chapter Website:

CHAPTER C NEWS – August, 2018


Chapter Social Date:  September 9, 2018

Social Location:  Golden Corral 580 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh, WI

Time:  Social at 9:00 am Ride 10:30am Saturday

Contact: Bob and Judy Von Rotz - 920-923-6495, 920-979-0282,

Chapter Website:


ACTIVITIES FOR August – 2018

Social – Aug 4 Saturday –Social Rolling Meadows Family Restaurant Meal       [Attended 20]

Ride after Social - Elegant Farmer                                                                        [Attended 11]

Social & Ride – Aug 7 Tuesday - Pie/Ice Cream Ride- Ardy & Eds                      [Attended 13]

Social & Ride – Aug 14 Tuesday - Pie/Ice Cream Ride - Friesland                      [Attended 17]

Social & Ride – Aug 21 Tuesday - Pie/Ice Cream Ride-Frogg's – Sherwood       [Attended 12]

Social & Ride – Aug 28 Tuesday –  Pie/Ice Cream Ride-Kelley’s                         [Attended 16]

Social & Ride - Aug 28-Sept 1 week WING DING-NATIONAL-Tennessee         [Attended 5]

ACTIVITIES FOR September – 2018

Social & Ride – Sept 1 – Saturday Kite’s Over Lake Michigan - Dave and Jill Krizizke Hosts - 920-251-0548

Social & Ride – Sept 4 – Tuesday Adder Pie/Ice Cream – Scoop’s Chilton - Bob and Judy Von Rotz Hosts - 920-923-6494

Social – Sept 9 - Sunday Golden Corral Meal - 9:00AM, Ride 10:30am

580 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh, WI - Bob and Judy Von Rotz Hosts - 920-923-6495

Ride After Social - Tod & Christine Hellman

Social & Ride – Sept 14&15 – Friday/Saturday WI District Rally

Frank & Sharon Jackson Wintergreen Resort - Wisconsin Dells

Social & Ride – Sept 19 – Wednesday Fortunate Soul's Crystal Café, Iola – George Gunther

ACTIVITIES FOR October – 2018

Social – Oct 6 Saturday –Social Rolling Meadows Family Restaurant Meal 10:00am

 947 South Rolling Meadows Drive, Fond du Lac - Bob and Judy Von Rotz Hosts - 920-923-6495

Social & Ride – Oct 13 – Fall Color Ride - Tod & Christine Hellman

Social – Oct 18 – Wednesday Fortunate Soul's Lunch Pizza Ranch, Fond du Lac 11:00am

Social – Oct 29 – Fall Dinner Leo and Linda Prentice - 630-240-6376


From The Director:

Hi Everyone

We would like to start with some good news. We have filled the position of New Assistant Chapter Directors. Bruce and Bev Roehrborn have filled that position. Please congratulate both of them in this new journey with Chapter C.

Wow, we are into September already. We just had Wing Ding. We finished the last official Ice Cream Rides and Socials of the season. There is one last ride after the Breakfast socials. There are two Fortunate Soul's events left for the season. The District Rally is just around the corner. As the seasons keep moving on it’s time to start thinking about the calendar for 2019. We already have one ride proposal to Yellowstone. It a start, so let’s keep it going. If you have any suggestions, thoughts, proposals, comments, likes, dislikes, anything please let us know.

Please keep our thought on our members with medical issues and any other needs.

Thanks and more to come next month.

Ride Smart & Be Safe!

Thank You, every one for the help and support.

Bob & Judy Von Rotz

Chapter C Directors


The Educator:     September 2018

I apologize for not having written an article for this upcoming month (Sept). Going to have to skip this month.
We've been traveling a lot again, and now we're off again to Milwaukee tomorrow for a couple of days till mid-week, and then we're heading back up to the U.P. right away visiting family until after the Labor Day holidays.
We hope that everyone that is going to the Kites event has a great time. We'll try and catch up for the breakfast on the 9th.

Bill & Mervi Bannasch

Chapter-C The Educators




From the Chapter Mascot- “C” More Wings

Hello to all my Chapter Friends

I get to go to the district rally.

Let’s be safe and ride.

Watch Facebook for my Posting.

See you soon.

“C” More Wings


Happy Birthday: June

September 2 – Robert Bradley

September 2 – Shirley Kuenzi

September 6 – Tim Easterson

September 12 – Norm Bender

September 15 – Richard Madsen

September 15 – Mark Weiner

September 20 – Kira Haslem

September 27 – Nancy Stormer

September 28 – Terri Schlack


Happy Anniversaries: June

September 4 – Mark & Larie Weiner

September 8 – Mark & Kira Haslam