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Chapter C

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CHAPTER “C” NEWS – November, 2018


Chapter Social Date:  November 4, 2018 --- Sunday


Social Location:   Breakfast Social – Golden Corral - Oshkosh


Time:  10:00 A.M.


Contact: Leo and Linda Prentice 630-745-8861, 630-240-6376



Chapter Website:




Nov 4 – Sunday – Breakfast Social –Golden Corral –Oshkosh –10:00 A.M.

                                 Planning Meeting for 2019 Calendar




Dec. 1 – Sunday – Holiday Gathering – 12:00 Noon –Dinner at 12:30 PM– 4:00 PM

                                                American Legion Hall – Fond du Lac

January - 2019  Social:    Jan. 12, 2019  at 10:00 am at Rolling Meadows Restaurant in Fond du Lac 


From the Directors:

                      November 2018, Chapter C Article


The times, they be a changing!  In two months Linda and I will officially become the new directors of Chapter C.  With Bob VonRotz’s assistance, we are beginning to take over some of the Directors’ duties.  Our survey for the 2019 Calendar planning year went out and we had 23 Responses, some as individuals, and some as couples.  The surveys provided us with new venue options, ride ideas, and new social activities.  With the number of responses we received, it is of no surprise to us that Chapter C members are exceptional people (Linda and I already knew that).

Although our successful riding season is coming to a close, our social activities will remain active through the end of the year. Our annual Fall Dinner was a success, and our upcoming Holiday get together is getting its’ final touches.

As with any endeavor that fails, the usual cause is: “too little, too late”.  The team approach that former directors Dave and Jill Krizizke put into practice years ago continues today.  I am certain that Linda and I will make mistakes along the way, but the fact that we continue to have this internship as active assistant directors will keep errors to a minimum. Effective January 1, 2019, our new team will consist of veterans of Chapter C:

         Mary Randall-Membership Enhancement Coordinator

                     Lori Schneider-Webmaster

                     Tod Hellman-Treasurer

                     Bill and Mervi Bannasch-Educators.

New to the Chapter C Team: Bruce and Bev Roehrborn-Assistant Directors                            

As we begin to enter this Holiday Season, Linda and I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.


Assistant Directors of Chapter C,

Leo and Linda Prentice


                   Rider Education Article:           Bill & Mervi Bannasch                                                                           


The month of November typically brings weather that is not very good for motorcycling.  The temperature alone gets cold enough to cause hypothermia without adding the wind chill factor from sitting on top of our motorcycle when riding down the road – even at 45 mph. Many areas will soon start to get snow on the ground before the month is out.  You may be cold-blooded enough to prolong your riding season, but for most of us, we will be sitting our bikes quietly in the garage.  Before you park it though, it is a good idea to think about changing the oil & oil filter to remove those contaminants (dirt, acids, deposits and moisture) that can lead to corrosion inside the engine while it’s hibernating thru the winter months. Check other fluids too, like the anti-freeze, for proper level.  And, remember to add the appropriate amount of fuel stabilizer (such as Stabil) in your gas tank.  Disconnect the battery (*negative terminal first) and trickle charge it at least once a month.  Taking good care of our Wing will always result in our Wing taking good care of us.


Happy (November) Birthday

Nov. 6     Mary Randall

Nov. 8     Bill Bannasch                                       

Nov. 13   Leanne Hansen                       

Nov. 16   Mike Sippel                               

Nov. 17   Duane Crook

Nov. 29   Dave Krizizke

Nov. 30   Don Connor

Happy (November) Anniversary

Nov. 1     Rich and Terri Schlack

Nov. 11   Joe and Janet Lauber

Nov. 27   Darryl & Shirley Kuenzi





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