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Directors: Bob & Judy Von Rotz
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CHAPTER C NEWS – September 2017

Chapter Social Date: September 10, 2017

Social Location: Social Golden Corral 580 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh, WI

Time: 10:00 A.M. Sunday

Contact: Bob and Judy Von Rotz - 920-923-6495, 920-979-0282, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chapter Website:


Activities for This Month:

Sept 4 Monday                  Fond du Lac Labor Day Parade

Sept 9 Saturday                Old World Wisconsin Ride, Leave TBD, Ride to Old World Wisconsin

Sept 10 Sunday                 Social Golden Corral 580 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh, WI

Sept 15-16 Friday/Saturday GWRRA WI District Rally Wintergreen Resort - Wisconsin Dells

Sept 30 Point Saturday  Basse Reinactment Ride, Leave TBD, Point Basse Civil War reenactment


From The Directors:

Hi Everyone

August was a very busy month. We had 5 ice cream ride, a Fortunate Souls ride, a social, a ride after the social, race the Lake, Wing Ding, and the Region E Rally. Judy and I had two weddings to attend also. Judy and I were at the Region Rally. We were in the Couple of the Year program. We did not get selected for the Region Couple of the Year. We were nervous, and excited at the same time. We met many friends we have not seen in a while, and made new friends. We went to some seminars, played some indoor games, went to the opening & closing Ceremonies and had a lot of FUN. This was the final Region Rally. Also the rally was very respectful, emotional and FUN. Where has the year gone? We are into September already. The District Rally is on Sept. 15-16 in Wisconsin Dells. Chapter C will be Responsible for the Indoor Games on Friday afternoon. The district has the games and Chapter C manages the games. We also need to put together a basket to be raffled off in the basket raffle. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and more to come next month.

Ride Smart & Be Safe!

Thank You, every one for the help and support.

Bob & Judy Von Rotz

Chapter C Directors


Rider Education:                                                                SEPT, 2017

Let’s talk a little bit about riding in the rain.  What can you do to minimize the risk of an accident caused by slippery roads?  First of all, I hope you are ALL wearing a helmet with a face shield.  It’s pretty hard to ride with rain pouncing on your face if you don’t have a shield.  How about wearing some sort of rain gear to try and keep you dry.  There are all sorts of rain gear products out there.  If it’s windy, along with the rain, watch out for small branches, leaves, or debris that has blown onto the road.  The wind and rain is always a challenge to our vision when riding.  Those road repair tar strips, oil slicks, and grease on a wet road can be very dangerous too, and cause you to slide and loose control.  You may want to leave more riding space in front of you and the vehicles ahead.  Reduce your riding speed to allow you more control of the bike and more braking distance if you have to apply those brakes suddenly.  Be conscious about the possibility of “hydroplaning” if you happen to be riding on a country road with road ruts.  I have experienced this a couple of times and it’s a pretty scary feeling.  On the POSITIVE side, a good rain also means you won’t have to wash your bikes soon.                                                                  Please be careful and ride SAFE, and remember… ATGATT!   Dress LOUD and BRIGHT!

Bill & Mervi Bannasch Chapter-C Educators

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(920) 312-4347 or 48.

From the Chapter Mascot- “C” More Wings

Hello to all my Chapter Friends

Had a whole lot of fun at the Region E Rally. The next trip is to The Wisconsin District Rally with Bob and Judy. Hope to see a lot of Chapter C members there.

Let’s be safe and ride.

Watch Facebook for my Posting.

See you soon.

“C” More Wings


Happy August Birthday

Robert Bradley                 Sept. 2

Shirley Kuenzi                   Sept. 2

Tim Easterson                   Sept. 6

Norm Bender                    Sept. 12

Richard Madsen               Sept. 15

Mark Weiner                     Sept. 15

Kira Haslam                        Sept. 20

Nancy Stormer                  Sept. 27

Terri Schlack                      Sept. 28


Happy August Anniversary

Mark & Laurie Weiner   Sept. 4

Mark & Kira Haslam        Sept. 8

Brad & Lucy Miller           Sept. 25

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