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Chapter G

Directors: Rich & Sharon Winkler
Phone: 414-477-2138

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Chapter Social Date: There will be no social in December.

Social Location: N/A

Time: N/A

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 414-477-2138

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1. Saturday Dec. 9  Annual chapter G Christmas party. Due to unforeseen circumstances we have been forced to find a new location for our Christmas party. As of this writing nothing has been finalized. Please go to the chapter website after Dec. 1 for final details.

2. Wed. Dec. 13. ROMEO breakfast ride. The destination restaurants for December and January  will be chosen at the November social.

3. Because the Holiday season is so filled with family activities, we will not have a dinner ride or a social in December.


1. Wed. January 10 ROMEO breakfast “ride”. The destination will be chosen at the November Social since we won’t be having a December social.

2. Wed. January 17 monthly dinner “ride”. The destination hasn’t been determined yet, so please check the chapter website after January 1 for the details.

3. Sunday January 28, 3:00 PM. Chapter G social at Waterstone Bank 6560 S.27th St.


First of all we want to wish everyone a BLESSED CHRISTMAS. We hope you are able to spend some joyful and happy time with all your loved ones.

The month of December is always a hectic (bordering on crazy) time of year. As a result the chapter traditionally keeps its activities to a minimum so everyone can concentrate on family activities. We’ll have our monthly ROMEO breakfast ride but there will be no dinner ride and no social this month.

Here in the “Great White North” December isn’t a riding time so we turn our thoughts to other areas, but we still think about our chapter G friends and wish them well.

As stated above, we have to find a different location for our Christmas party. Because the district newsletter editor requests our newsletters to be sent in well before the end of the month we have not had time to find a new location yet. Please check the chapter website after December 1 for details of the new location.

Starting in January, when hopefully our live again become a little more settled, we’ll go back to our usual events, and hopefully we’ll get to see many of you.

Again, we wish you all a merry, happy, (less than insane) holiday season and look forward to getting back to what passes for normal in our busy lives.  


Rich and Sharon Winkler

Chapter G directors


Happy December Birthdays:  None


Happy December Anniversaries:  None

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