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CHAPTER G NEWS – May, 2018


Chapter Social Date: Sunday May 20.

Social Location: WaterStone Bank, 6560 S. 27th St. Oak Creek

Time: 3:00 PM

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler, or 414-477-2138

Chapter Website:



1. Wednesday May 9 ROMEO breakfast ride. If the weather is good meet at the KwikTrip at 51st and Rawson at 7:45 and we’ll ride to the chosen place or just meet us at the restaurant at 8:30. The destination will be chosen at the April social.

2. Wednesday May 16, monthly dinner ride. The destination this month is Open Flame Restaurant, 5081 S. 108th St. Greenfield. As usual we’ll meet at 5:30.

3. Sunday May 20th  at 3:00 PM -  Chapter G social. Because the last Sunday of the month is on Memorial Day weekend we’ll meet on the second last Sunday. As always it’s at the WaterStone Bank located at 6560 S. 27th St. in Oak Creek.



1. Wednesday June 13th. ROMEO LUNCH RIDE.  This month we will again meet for lunch rather than breakfast. If the weather is good we’ll meet at the KwikTrip on 51st & Rawson at 11:15 and ride to the Route 76 Diner located at 7510 W. Layton Av. Otherwise we’ll meet at the diner at noon.

2. Saturday June 16th 11:00 AM to 3:00PM - Chapter G Fund raiser in conjunction with the Sportland 2 open house and bike show. We’ll again be serving brats, hotdogs, soda and all the fixings. We’ll need all the help we can get so please plan to join us for some fun and fellowship.

3. Wednesday June 20 meet at the KwikTrip, 51st and Rawson at 4:30 PM and we’ll ride to the Mine Shaft Restaurant 22N Main St. Hartford WI. If the weather is bad just meet at the restaurant at 5:30 PM.

4. Sunday June 24th 3:00 PM – Chapter G social at WaterStone bank, 6560 S. 27th St. in Oak Creek.




 to all the wonderful wives and mothers of Chapter G.

Winter can’t continue into May! Can it???

After the brutal April we just lived through we have to get some days without snow, ice, and salt on the roads so we can actually get the bikes out and knock off some of the rust our riding skills developed over this seemingly never ending winter. Does April snow bring May flowers??



Dust Off is coming and there are a couple of chapter fundraiser brat fries this month.  Lots of places to go and fellow Wingers to see.  May will be a great month!

We’ll have our usual monthly breakfast and dinner rides.

We need as many members as possible to attend the May social because that’s the last good opportunity we have to plan for our annual fundraiser on June 16th .

We’ll also be discussing and planning for some of the rides coming up this summer. It’s what we’re all about and what the national leadership wants to promote more than we have done in the past. Let’s ride more and have some fun on our bikes! Come join us and get involved in the planning.


Happy May Birthdays:  John Hickman – 8th; Lynn Borkenhagen – 15th..


Happy May Anniversaries: Al & BJ Parrot

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