Marcella Newell

Chapter H

Directors: Bruce & Tina Gebhard
Phone: 608-635-3809

Chapter Website:


Chapter H

Director: Marcella Newell                                 Assistant Directors: Bruce & Tina Gebhard

Phone: 608-354-2767                                        Home Phone: 608-635-3809 (evenings)

E-mail                           Bruce cell: 608-516-5520                                               

                                                                           Tina Cell: 608-516-4320                                                                                   


Chapter Website:


Social Location:

Monona Gardens

6501 Bridge Rd. Monona, WI

10:00 AM December 9th



Friday breakfast 10:00. Watch your email for the location.



Sunday December 2rd Chapter Christmas party.

Green Acres Restaurant, 7470 Hwy 78, Sauk City. 4:00 PM social hour, 5:00 PM supper


From the Assistant Directors:

Hello Chapter H members and friends!  

   I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday, I know we sure did! Of course, with that holiday over, it means Christmas is right around the corner. Every year I make a pledge to be more prepared for it than I have in previous years, but it never seems to happen. Not really a big issue though, as I always seem to get everything done that I need to.

   One of the things that I enjoy doing for the holiday, is taking time to remember all the family and great friends that I am blessed to have in my life. Yes, I’m talking about all of you. If I don’t get a chance to tell you in person, I want you to know how much we enjoy having you in our lives!

   The new leadership team is in place, and we are working diligently to plan 2019’s activity calendar. It is our goal to have a variety of different events so everyone should find something to participate in, whether or not you are still riding. We would love to have you along!

    Please be sure to take a few minutes to thank our out-going staff (Marcella, Wayne & Karen, Bernie, and Mary Lou) for the dedication and hard work they have put in over the years!

Have a safe and blessed Christmas!

Bruce & Tina Gebhard,  AC/D’s



Happy December Birthday’s:

08 Chuck Stumpf

17 Stu Densmore

20 Denise Scott

21 Diane Stumpf


December Anniversaries:

Don & Diane Schnidt

Barb & Tryg Hilbo



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