CHAPTER K NEWS – September, 2018
Chapter Gathering Dates: August 14, 2018 – Olympic II in Wisconsin Rapids
                                                   August 21, 2018 – Rose Garden Restaurant in Waupaca
Time:  Both gatherings are set for 5:30 PM
Contact: Don Walloch, 715-459-2449,
Chapter Website:
Chapter Facebook Page: GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter K

Sept.  8          Party in the Woods – Al & Barb Shruck – 920-787-3567
Sept. 11         Gathering-Olympic II Restaurant, 2520 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 5:30 PM
Sept. 14-15    Wisconsin District Rally – Wisconsin Dells
Sept. 19         Open Ride, Leaving Kwik Trip, 4611 8th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, 9 AM
Sept. 25         Gathering-Rose Garden Restaurant, 902 Churchill St, Waupaca, 5:30 PM
Sept. 29-30    Fall Color Ride – information for reservations below

*Contact Don Walloch at 715-459-2449 for additional information.
Oct.     9        Gathering-Olympic II Restaurant, 2520 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 5:30 PM 
Oct.   27        Garbage Can Cookout - Al & Barb Shruck - 920-787-3567

*Contact Don Walloch at 715-459-2449 for additional information. 
Please check the Calendar on the Chapter website for additional information and maps.


From The Director

We just recently organized a ride to the UP of Michigan along with Bruce and Barb Beeman from the District of Minnesota.  What a great turnout we had!  It far exceeded anything we imagined.  The weather was fantastic, and the riding was great.  Some of the members, even some from our own Chapter, never were on a ride like this and appeared to have a good time.

Again, the UP of Michigan Ride-In proved that people bought their motorcycles to ride.  Everyone that attended rode each day, some longer than others, but each got on their motorcycles and rode.  At the end of the riding day I saw people sitting in small groups talking about their day and what they had experienced.  We saw people meeting and talking to people they had never met before, either from a different Chapter or even from a different District, and exchanging contact information.  This is what I’ve been writing about these past few months.  This is why we bought our motorcycle.  To ride it, meet new people, and learn from each other.  We are amazed at the turnout of this event and so happy that we were able to share this experience with so many other motorcycle enthusiasts.

GWRRA has a most important role and provides many opportunities to motorcycle owners.  When you go to your local motorcycle dealer to purchase a motorcycle, whether it is a Goldwing, Can Am, or whatever it may be, they are there to sell the bike to you.  When you walk out the door with the keys in your hand, sure they show you how to operate the bike and turn it on, but they don’t teach you how to ride the bike.  They don’t teach you how to group ride if you find yourself in a situation such as the UP of Michigan Ride-In.  They don’t provide an opportunity to learn Medic First Aid or provide you with Rider Education in general.  But the most important thing they don’t provide is lasting friendships that are obtained by going on different rides with people that have the same interest as you do. 

This trip provided so much more than just a ride.  As I said, it gave members the opportunity to meet and become friends with someone they had never known before.  It provided a learning experience from the mistakes that were made out on the rides.  We all learn from each other.  No one got offended when someone approached them to suggest how to handle things next time on a group ride. 

Next year’s event will be held at the Days Inn and Conference Center in La Crosse August 8-11.  If you’re interested in going, we have blocked off 90 rooms at a great price of $59 per night.  For more information on this ride go to

Please see the attached directions for the Party in the Woods on September 8.  Al and Barb are furnishing the meat, and they ask that you bring a dish to pass and your own drink.  Also bring lawn chairs.

Information from Al and Barb on the Color Ride scheduled for September 29-30 - there are 15 rooms being held under GWRRA Chapter K at the Snow Country Inn in Hurley.  Some rooms are two double beds, and some are two queen beds.  The room charge is $59.95 plus tax for 2-4 people in a room.  Call 715-329-1357, Tuesday thru Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., to speak with LeeAnn to make your reservation.  The block of rooms will be held until September 15.

If you have any questions or a ride that may interest you, please give me a call or send me an email.


Don Walloch
Chapter K Director
Phone: 715-459-2449
Facebook:  GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter K


Sponsor:  Team Motorsports