Chapter Social Date: July 10, 2018 – Olympic II in Wisconsin Rapids                                   
                                         July 24, 2018 – Rose Garden Restaurant in Waupaca 

Time:  Both socials are set for 5:30 PM 
Contact: Don Walloch, 715-459-2449, 
Chapter Website: 
Chapter Facebook Page: GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter K 


July 10 Gathering-Olympic Restaurant, 2520 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 5:30 PM
July 15 Rockton for Chicken, Kwik Trip, 4611 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 10 AM
July 18 Open Ride, Leaving Kwik Trip, 4611 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 10 AM
July 21 District Ride-In, Details to be posted at a later date
July 24 Gathering-Rose Garden Restaurant, 902 Churchill St, Waupaca, 5:30 PM
July 28 Chapter H fundraiser at Vetesnik's, Leaving Kwik Trip, 4611 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 10 AM

*Contact Don Walloch at 715-459-2449 for additional information.


August 1  Open Ride, Leaving Kwik Trip, 4611 8th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, 9 AM
August 8  Open Ride, Leaving Kwik Trip, 4611 8th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, 9 AM
August 9-12  Wisconsin/Minnesota ride to UP Michigan
August 14  Gathering-Olympic II Restaurant, 2520 8th Stree South, Wisconsin Rapids, 5:30 PM
August 21  Gathering-Rose Garden Restaurant, 902 Churchill St, Waupaca, 5:30 PM
August 22  Open Ride, Leaving Kwik Trip, 4611 8th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, 9 AM
August 28+  Wing Ding in Knoxville, TN

*Contact Don Walloch at 715-459-2449 for additional information.

Please chaeck the Calendar on the Chapter website for additional information and maps.

From The Director:


Wow…as I am writing this article it is extremely hot outside, too hot for me to ride the motorcycle today.  I know we have been asking for warmer weather and certainly it has arrived, but when it is so hot it is not enjoyable to me.  If you are riding please be safe and make sure you drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an Association such as GWRRA and a Club?  Most people, including myself, wanted to be enlightened with all aspects of the organization.  In a club you are able to vote on different things that come up, but within GWRRA there is only discussion and no voting.  Some may feel restricted or that their opinions don’t matter, which is so far from the truth. 

The problem is when the Director follows the organizational operational guidelines and others wish to operate as a club, that leads to misunderstandings and hard feelings. If there is friction caused by these misunderstandings they can lead to a downturn in your Chapter membership and hinder your ability to recruit new members. 

New ideas and doing different things, such as planning a different ride that you haven’t done before, instead of doing the same ride year after year.  This keeps things fresh and the enthusiasm up within the Chapter and maybe spark some interest in getting new members.  We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over year in and year out and expect different results.  This type of habit will never work in attracting new members.

If you have ideas that you feel would help the Chapter, enlighten everyone. I’m receptive to change and doing things differently.  Criticizing changes is not healthy for the organization.  We need to work together to be successful.  What I am doing with the monthly gatherings is something new, not only to our Chapter, but within the District.  It is an attempt to try and make it suitable for members on either end of the Chapter boundaries.  People don’t have to attend both gatherings that are held each month.  The intention is for me, the Chapter Director, to mobilize to both gatherings and for the members to have a choice as to which gathering is best suited for them.  By doing this we have already had three members from the Waupaca area attend one of the gatherings that haven’t attended before.  To me that is a successful start.

That is just one of the ideas or a little change that could inspire more members to participate within our Chapter.  I know people have ideas to help this Chapter grow.  It’s just a matter of willingness to work hand in hand with the Chapter Director and communicate them.  So don’t sit back and judge what is going on within the Chapter.  Be proactive and bring your ideas forward; ideas that are fresh and new that are for the good of all the members within our Chapter.

So please stay positive and let’s have fun and enjoy the summer riding season and partake in as many Chapter events as your time allows you.  Speaking of summer events, it is not too late to join us on the UP of Michigan ride that will be from August 9-12.  We are doing this adventure with the Minnesota District and meeting their group at the Root Cellar on Lake Gogebic.  This will be a great time with lots of planned guided and unguided rides for you to participate in.  We are also planning a pontoon ride one afternoon and early evening.  There will be games for you to challenge other members, such as horseshoes, cards, marbles, and bean bags. 

There is still time to make your reservations at the Gogebic Hotel.  So, if you want to meet other members and do some riding, here is your chance.  Don’t miss out!

When you are in the Green Bay area please take a few minutes and patronize Team Motorsports.  They just generously donated to our Raffle Basket the Chapter has to contribute to the District Rally.  They have always been supportive of our Chapter so please help them out in the future.

Please don’t forget to let me know by Friday, July 13, if you plan on joining us for the great chicken dinner on Sunday, July 15, in Rockton.

If you have any questions or a ride that may interest you, please give me a call or send me an email.

Don Walloch
Chapter K Director
Phone: 715-459-2449
Facebook:  GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter K

Sponsor: Team Motorsports

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