CHAPTER K NEWS – March, 2019

Chapter Gathering Date: March 5 – Olympic II in Wisconsin Rapids                                            

Time:  Gathering is set for 5:30 PM

Contact: Don Walloch, 715-459-2449,

Chapter Website:

Chapter Facebook Page: GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter K

March 5          Gathering-Olympic II Restaurant, 2520 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 5:30 PM

*Contact Don Walloch at 715-459-2449 for additional information.

April 2             Gathering-Olympic II Restaurant, 2520 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 5:30 PM

Please check the Calendar on the Chapter website for additional information.


From The Director:

This time of year we are all getting a little anxious to get outside and ride our motorcycles, but Mother Nature has a different plan for us.  As you all know we just don’t have any control over the weather, and we have to make the best of it and wait out the transition from winter to spring.  Before you know it we will be out there and enjoying our motorcycles.

When that time finally arrives, are we prepared to get on our motorcycles?  I hope you just don’t uncover your motorcycle, start it up, and jump on it and go for a ride.  We have to prepare ourselves, just like we have to prepare our bike by doing visual and mechanical inspections.  During the winter I always do my planning of our summer trips.  This consists of doing the planned route we will be taking and making some hotel reservations where we will be staying along the planned route.  This will make your summer months much more enjoyable and less stressful. 

One thing that is simple to do is plan out what you would like to do with your Chapter, District and GWRRA in general this coming riding season.  The winter months are a great time to plan these events and put them on your calendar.  We have many events that we have put on the Chapter calendar with a few more to be announced in the near future.  There are many District events such as Dust Off, the District Rally, the first annual District Picnic, and the La Crosse Ride-In that you could attend.  At the end of August you could go to Wing Ding in Nashville, Tennessee.

I know in the past we have written about what you would like to get out of GWRRA in general.  Some say they just want Wing World and the Gold Book.  Personally, if you haven’t tried to experience attending a Chapter or District event, give it a try. When you attend an event, it will open up many new windows for you to experience.  Some have said they don’t like to ride in groups so that is why they don’t attend Chapter events.  That is ok if you don’t like to ride in a group, you don’t have to, but you still are welcome to attend these events and participate with the group.  By attending Chapter gatherings, we learn from each other about different roads and trips that we have been on.  These are all shortcuts to not having to do research on your own.  If it wasn’t for GWRRA and getting involved, our riding experience would have taken so much more of our time to plan out trips, or even what trips to go on at all.  The network of people we have available as members is far better than doing a Google search on the internet and asking for an objective and honest response back.  The members of GWRRA have been to many different places throughout our country and that is the best possible resource you can have.

When you experience Chapter and District life I can assure you that you will be introduced to a whole new family.  They will help you in any way possible to make your experience within GWRRA the best that they can. Riding a motorcycle is the first and only thing that brought us together.  GWRRA wasn’t formed as a social organization asking for people to get together at a restaurant or ice cream place.  It was formed because of the sport of riding a motorcycle.  We all love to ride our motorcycles which gives us a great bond right off the top.  Meeting new people at gatherings or events as we described above in this article are all wrapped up in what we do as members of GWRRA. 

Our tenure hasn’t been as long as a lot of the members of our Chapter, but I assure you we have had many great experiences!  The only way you are able to experience what everything that GWRRA has to offer is to “participate, participate, participate.”  The more you do, the more fun you will have.  But the most important thing is you will meet new friends that enjoy doing the same thing you do, and that is riding your motorcycle.

Enjoy the remaining days of winter and we will see you out on the road soon.


Don Walloch
Chapter K Director
Phone: 715-459-2449
Facebook:  GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter K

Sponsor: Team Motorsports