CHAPTER K NEWS – February, 2019

Chapter Gathering Date: February 5 – Olympic II in Wisconsin Rapids                                            

Time:  Gathering is set for 5:30 PM

Contact: Don Walloch, 715-459-2449,

Chapter Website:

Chapter Facebook Page: GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter K

Feb. 5             Gathering-Olympic II Restaurant, 2520 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 5:30 PM

*Contact Don Walloch at 715-459-2449 for additional information.

Mar. 5             Gathering-Olympic II Restaurant, 2520 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, 5:30 PM

Please check the Calendar on the Chapter website for additional information.

From The Director:

We hope all is well with everyone on this very cold winter day.  When it is so cold outside it is really hard to imagine when we will ever be able to ride our motorcycles again.  But before you know it we will have 50 degree temperatures and the snow will be melting away.  So hang in there, that day will be here quick enough.

While we wait for the motorcycle season to begin, there are still winter events that we could attend.  The combination of Wingo/MFA class held at the Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids has come and gone, but Chapter S will be holding a pool tournament in Menomonie on Saturday, February 16 beginning at 9:30 am.  We know it may be a long way to go, but Rose and Dean Walk have always been good about attending our Chapter fundraisers in the past, so if you want to have some fun, please go.  It is a lot of fun and it gives you a chance to meet other GWRRA Members throughout the District.

Our next Chapter gathering will be at the Olympic II in Wisconsin  Rapids on Tuesday at 5:30 pm.  We hope you are able to attend because we will be discussing the upcoming riding season and what the plans for the Chapter are.  This is another chance for your input on the  Chapter’s riding season.  If you don’t participate, then please accept what others are trying to do for the Chapter. 

We are looking forward to our Chapter events this year, coupled with attending District events.  The Chapter will also be joining in the La Crosse Ride-In to be held August 8-11.  It will be an exciting event with riders coming from all over the Midwest. 

The winter months go by pretty quick for us.  We not only try and stay busy with our personal lives but also with GWRRA stuff.  Planning during the winter months should be something that everyone does for the summer trips they will be taking.  It doesn’t matter if you are old school and you still use a paper map for your navigation on your planned routes.  If you’re a AAA member and still request maps and information on various states you will be traveling through on your route, winter time is a great time to do this.  If you plan your routes using a mapping program on your computer, winter time is also the best time to do it. 

While planning your route there are many things available to help with your decision making.  You can use Google Maps to view your route and conditions of either the road or hotel you might be staying at along the way.  It allows you to do a satellite view which takes you directly to street level view.  I planned a route to Glacier National Park and one of our stays was going to be at an off-brand hotel, and in street view I was able to move around the whole building and make a decision based on the condition of the building, parking lot, and street.  This helps eliminate the chance of going on a gravel street or staying at a hotel that may not be up to your standards.  Using Google Earth will also allow you to do basically the same thing, but also gives you the ability to upload your planned route and view it in Google Earth.  This way you are able to see the road conditions from beginning to end.

If you have your route all planned out, you can also start making your hotel reservations during the winter.  Again, this is one less thing you have to worry about during the summer when you want to be out on the motorcycle.

The District and our Chapter is always looking for input as to what you would like them to do.  In order to get that ride or event on the schedule, please let us know.  That is one thing we haven’t learned to master yet, mind reading. 

Please stay warm and we hope to see you at the next social. 

Don Walloch
Chapter K Director
Phone: 715-459-2449
Facebook:  GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter K

Sponsor: Team Motorsports