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Chapter N

Directors: Mike and Jane Hultine
Phone: 920-979-7563


~~CHAPTER N NEWS –January, 2017
Chapter Social Date:  Sunday January 21, 2018
Social Location:   Christmas Party - Marko’s Pizza, Germantown 
Time:  4:00 PM
Contact: Mike or Jane Hultine, 920-979-7563, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Chapter Website:
Action Powersports was again our host for the December Social. Earlier that same day we all gathered at the Pick & Save on Sunset and Oakwood to ring bells for the Salvation Army. It’s always fun to get together as a group to ring bells. Some of us even bring our grand kids to share in the fun. We get plenty on smiles and sometimes funny looks from customers as they walk into and out of the store. Jane and I had some time to kill between ringing bells and the social, so we stopped at the Meijer store on Sunset. We had never been at a Meijer, so we wanted to check it out. This reminded me of going to Sam’s Club to get a couple items and wondering how we spent so much as we walked out.
The Christmas party will be at Marko’s Pizza in Germantown at 4:00 PM Sunday, January 21. Marko’s address is W156 N664 Pilgrim Rd. We will be having a buffet with two meats, potatoes and a vegetable. The cost will be $8.00 per person, excluding drinks.
Last January Jane and I stepped up to be Chapter N directors for the second time. We will be stepping down at the end of December 2017. Frank will be announcing your new director soon. We have so many friends in Chapter N and throughout GWRRA, so we will not disappear. We look forward to seeing our friends from time to time in the coming years.
Mike & Jane

Christmas Party – January 21 – 4:00 PM
Marko’s Pizza
W156 N664 Pilgrim Rd


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