Chapter Q August 2014

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CHAPTER Q NEWS – August, 2014


Chapter Social Date:  August 9, 2014


Social Location: Enroute to Region E Rally 


Time:  9:00 am


Contact: Dennis Resch, (715)219-0288



August 3    PBTF Ride for Kids in Middleton.  Dennis and Gloria will be heading down and participating in it.  Please contact them with any questions.  

August 9    We are meeting at The Store in Weston at 9am to ride over to Wisconsin Rapids for the Region E Rally.  We will be having our social on the way to Region E Rally.   Did you go to Wing Ding in Madison?  If so you are probably aware that Wisconsin has all three rallies this year and it has been called the Trifecta.  This will be the second part of your mission!  This is just a day ride, so come join us!  When you arrive at The Store, please be sure to fill your gas tank.

August 31    Big Falls Corn Roast.  We will be meeting at The Store in Weston at 10am to ride over for some wonderful corn, burgers, brats and pies!  The food is great and they also have a parade!



September 6    September social.  Time and place is TBA.  

September 12 -13    Wisconsin State Convention is in Wisconsin Dells.  Please contact Dennis and Gloria for more information on who is riding over and when.  This is also the last step in the Wisconsin Trifecta.  If you got your picture taken in Madison and Wisconsin Rapids, make sure you complete this last leg!  Hope to see you there.


October 11 is our event planning social.  The time and place is TBA.  Contact Dennis and Gloria for further information.


Please check the Calendar for addresses and contact numbers.


From The Director:


Well, it has been a very busy summer for us, as has been for everyone else.  We know our schedule has been brief, but we hope that you have been able to attend some of our rides and events.  If you have, we hope you have enjoyed yourself.  Gloria’s and my time as Chapter Directors is rapidly winding down and we would like you to consider stepping up into this fun and interesting position.  You get to meet lots of great new people and do lots of really fun and interesting things.  GWRRA is an extended family, one that is always ready to add more family members.  


Our event planning social is coming up October 11.  If you have some things you would like our extended family to do, or places to go, bring those ideas to the social and share them.  We do not have the place and time set yet, but look for that information in the September newsletter.


Until next time, ride safe and keep the shiny side up!


From the Chapter Educator


Summer riding…….heat. This summer has not had the hot humid Wisconsin weather yet.  It will surely arrive at some point.  Are you ready for it?  GWRRA promotes safe riding and safety gear.  Always wear your helmet, gloves, long sleeves, long pants and over the ankle boots.  Helmets are warm, but there are vents that can be opened.  Gloves come in a wide variety of styles, no fingers, mesh, etc.  While leather jackets can be warm, you can wear anything long sleeve.  There are also lots of great mesh riding jackets and pants that work wonders in providing protection while providing cooling air movement.  Over the ankle boots, well not much a person can do about those choices.  All these protective measures are great, but we also need to be pro-active in riding safely.  Make sure you are aware of everything around you.  Accidents still happen, but safe riding and safety gear improve your odds of not getting seriously hurt or killed.


Happy August  Birthday

10    Kathy Tsykiewicz

18    Roger Young

20    Mike Duckett


Happy August Anniversary

  9    Dennis and Gloria Resch

18    Bob and Vanessa McDonell