CHAPTER Q NEWS – March, 2016

Chapter Social Date:  March 5, 2016

Social Location:   Igram's, Southgate Drive, Tomahawk, WI

Time:  4:30pm

Contact: Marie Haring, 715-453-78718, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Social - March 5, 2016 4:30pm

Ingram's - Southgate Drive, Tomahwk, WI



Social - April 2, 2016 4:30pm

Angelo's - Wausau, WI

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From The Director:

We have Really great members. So, we at chapter Q will be putting our members in the limelight as they write about their life in GWRRA.

The first couple which is featured is Mr and Mrs John Treweek.

Mr. & Mrs. Terweek

I would like to introduce ourselves - John & Kim Treweek.  We have lived in the Town of Rib Mountain for almost twenty years and have three grown daughters, Cassandra, Noelle, and Jayme and a spoiled rotten Blue Tick Coonhound that goes by the name of Bagheera.  Prior to Wausau, we lived and worked in the Fox Valley area of the state.

I was born and raised in Rhinelander while Kim grew up in the Mondovi and Durand area of the state.

I work at The Samuels Group in the estimating department while Kim is extremely busy keeping the household running at peak efficiency.

Since it was introduced, I have always been a fan of the Goldwing.  I remember drooling over the first one that I saw at Mel’s Trading Post in Rhinelander.  I was just in High School at that point and realized it was more than I could afford so I decided that a Honda CB750 was a better alternative.

In 2010 Kim and I decided that it might be fun to do some traveling by motorcycle, so I traded my Honda 1800 VTX and of course bought our first Goldwing.  In 2012 after hearing multiple reports of deer strikes and road hazards, Kim and I decided that it would be much safer to trike a Goldwing.  Now that the Goldwing has been triked, traveling for me is a little more relaxed and you can’t beat keeping your feet on the pegs at stop signs!  We traded our 2010 for a blue and silver 2012 and had a Hannigan trike kit installed by R&V Trike Conversions in Wabasha, MN. 

The trike has been wonderful and the Goldwing’s have performed flawlessly over the years.  We have since purchased a Hannigan trailer from a gentlemen I met through a Goldwing forum and a 7’ x 12’ enclosed trailer to haul the trike when we just want to take it to a vacation spot and enjoy riding at our destination.  I also currently own a Honda NC700 motorcycle for running around town or just wanting to experience that two wheel sensation.

Besides my hectic work schedule and my love of motorcycling, I enjoy spending time outdoors and traveling with Kim.  Kim enjoys sewing, cooking, and traveling when her schedule allows some free time.

Kim and I are excited about the upcoming GWRRA Chapter Q events and look forward to making more friends throughout the upcoming year!     

John & Kim Treweek



The Educator:

This month I would like o talk a little about being the drag for the riding group.

Who is your drag?

Some will say that they are the most impartant member of your riding team. Consider all of the responiblity which the drag has.

1. They are the last one out of the parking lot.

2. They make sure everything is going right on the ride.

3. They inform us of was is coming up or any other situations.

4. They are our anchor of the ride.

5. They are the rider which takes the responiblity of any break downs and other situations.

This rider is a very aspecial person for our ride. So, why do we call them the drag? They are our backdoor for all of our situations which we have on our ride. Do not just put anyojne back as your drag. Every drag should have had a road captio's seminar ofr course to understand what a Real drag is.


So, carefully chose your drag for your rides.

Safe rding until we see each other.



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