CHAPTER Q NEWS – September  2016

Chapter Social Date:  Septmber 9 - 11, 2016

Social Location:   Ride to Door County

Time: 4:30 pm

Contact: Marie Haring, 715-453-8718, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Septmber 9-11, 2016

Ride to Door County    Details below



Septmber 16 – 17, 2016

State Rally at Wintergreen Resort, Wis. Dells

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From The Director:

Venny-son Travels


My family took me this past month to Michigan to the Glass Bottom Boat and Horseshoe Falls In Munsing, MI.  The weather was just great.  The sun shone most all of the time and it was a very smooth ride with no construction.


On the way there, we stopped and ate at Prembine.

The food was great and the conversation had a lot of laughs.  The atmoshpere was a very family oreintated with the owner giving us a great smile and asking us if there was any thing more they could do for us.


The big conversation was stopping at the Honda Dealer in Ascanabato pick up a new head set for one of my daddies.  Mommy Marie told Mommy Jan and Daddy Doug that someone was going to buy a bike and they did not believe her.

So, we stopped at the dealer and Daddy Lou bought a 1800 from the dealer.  During the time which we  were waiting, Mommy Marie said, “I told you so!”  And Everyone laughed.


Saturday morning had a beautiful sun rise.  Everyone was ready to get on the day's activies.  First , we went to the Glass Bottom Boat and then to the Hoseshoe Falls which we had a picnic.  The weekend went so fast with all of the interesting things which we did and the fun which we had as a family.


When we woke up on Sunday everyone was ready to go home and relax from all of the excitement but, our fun had not stopped. 


We all talked about stopping at the mine to “see what it had to offer” so we did.  The Big man was standing in front of the building and he scared me because he was so big.  The whole family took a picture of this funny sign which was in the parking lot with my big Daddy Turk was in the center.  I thought he really fit the head.

I will tell you that there is more that happened to me this month but you will have to wait to read about it next month.



The Educator:

As a Chapter Educator, it is my responsibility to inform you of the seminars which will be held at the rally at Wing Ding this year.  Make sure you check wing World to see what is offered and how you can benefit from any of this information.