CHAPTER Q NEWS – August 2016

Chapter Social Date:  August 27, 2016

Social Location: Cook out, State Cement Park, Phillip, WI

Time: 12:00 pm

Contact: Marie Haring, 715-453-8718, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




August 5-6, 2016 Ride to Munsing, MI

August 27, 2016 Cookout at State cement Park, Phillips, WI noon



September 9-11 Ride to Door County

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From The Director:


Venny-sen travels.


WOW! I have been all over this great state plus two others since my new family has adpoted me. But, first let me tell you about my June's experiences.


In June, I went to our annual safety fair and learn many new thingsfrom the seminars. The seminars includes Road Captian, co-rider, riding in the elements, plus the First Aid/CPR course. 


Now, the big news!


Leaving in the morning, the chapter was right on time and even a little ahead of schedule. As we went down the road we stopped at a very small restaurant at the corner of Hyw 13 and 21.

We then continued on the road to The LaCrosse River Boat.

We did this on Friday night having a pizza party on the boat. After which we all went back to the motel and had great conversations about all of our new experiences which we were going to have.


The next morning I was so excited to ride again that I could not sleep. I was one of the first ones on the bikes ready to go. When they say kick stands up at 9:00am that is what it is all about.


Off we go to another day of great riding. The chapter took me to 3 different states which I have never been to before. The states are Iowa, Minnesota, and back to the motel which was in Wisconsin.

The weather was great until we started home and then it rained.


Can not wait until next month when we go to Michigan to the Glass bottom boat.



The Educator:


July we practice our skills riding the open road to LaCrosse. We had a diffenrt road captian on each ride. This way everyone received some more experience.

Looking forward to ride with the chapter to Michigan in August.


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