Membership Enhancement  -  Couple Of the Year (COY)

Couple of the Year Program Overview


GWRRA’s Couple of the Year Program was instituted in 1988 as a successor to our nine-year tradition of selecting a Wing Ding Queen to serve as ambassador for our association. A program which began as a way to honor couples at the local level, and to select enthusiastic duos to serve as ambassadors and spokespersons for GWRRA, has evolved into a useful tool for identifying and helping prepare couples for leadership positions within the organization.

The Couple of the Year Program has two purposes:

·      First and foremost, the program provides an opportunity for local Chapters to recognize and honor a couple each year for their dedication, accomplishments and participation within the Chapter.

·      Secondly, it establishes a process for identifying outstanding couples who can serve their Districts, Regions, and ultimately the International GWRRA organization as ambassadors and spokespersons.


·       At the Chapter level, being selected a Chapter Couple of the Year is an honor bestowed on a deserving couple who has shown dedication and commitment to their Chapter. Being selected as Chapter Couple of the Year is just like being presented an award.

·      The responsibility comes if and when a couple chooses to participate in the District Couple of the Year selection process. Being selected as District, Region or International Couple of the Year brings with it the expectation that the Couple will represent the association as Ambassadors and spokespersons, with particular emphasis on “spreading-the-word” outside the association. Additionally, when a couple participates in the selection process at the District level, they make a commitment, should they be selected there, to participate at the Region level, and then, if chosen again, at Wing Ding for the International selection. The Couple must realize that if chosen at the District level this could lead to a four-year commitment.

This page to help honor those that have chosen to participate in the Couple of The Year Program and were selected for this honor.  If you see any of these couple, please congratulate them.  You to might be selected for this honor!  If you have any questions, please ask your Chapter Director, Membership Enhancement Coordinator or member of District team.

Congratulations to all who were selected for this honor!