Joe and Pam Heidenreich

Joe and Pam Heidenreich

Membership Enhancement Coordinators

The Membership Enhancement Coordinator's main purpose is the retention of Members. Coordinators will also work with Directors at each level to promote FUN activities for the Members. They will work with the Directors to educate the Membership on the many benefits of being a GWRRA Member (i.e. Gold Book, Wing World, Rescue Program, etc...) and make sure all the New and Prospective Members are contacted on a monthly basis when the Area Report List is sent out from the Home Office.

Membership Enhancement Coordinator Position Description Manual (Click Here)

Dust Off 2018 is in the books. With it being a big success we would like to thank all that participated and help to make it that way. There were a few minor glitches that we are working on getting fixed for next year. More information on next year’s Dust Off to be coming at a later date. If there is something you would like to see happen at Dust Off next year please let us know we are always open to suggestions. We would like to congratulate Dean Walk and Vicki Sell for winning $50 each in the Tour Sheet drawing that Sharon Jackson decided to give back to the members after winning the $100 dollar Tour Sheet drawing earlier this year. See it pays to participate. We hope to be able to give out more Tour Sheet pins and patches next year. We have a whole box of them to give out so turn in those sheets. Check the monthly calendar on the District website to find many ride or event opportunities to have your Tour Sheet signed.

Before you know it our Wisconsin District Rally will be here. Again it will be held at the Winter Green Resort in the Dells area. Your District Staff already have a lot of great ideas to make this rally enjoyable for all of you but we are still open to any suggestions you may have and will try our best to incorporate those ideas into the rally. Speaking of which if anyone is interested in helping out at one of the tables please let us know. We are looking for help at the registration table, Membership enhancement table and Rider education table.

For all the Chapter Directors in the district if you have some members in your chapter you would like to recognize in a special way there is a new pin and certificate you can present. They are called “You Make A Difference” pins. We sent out an email earlier last month about these. You will have to call the National Office at 1-800-843-9460 to order these pins. The cost is $1.00 each and they will ship them to you. As for the certificates we had also emailed this out to the chapter directors and if you need we can resend this out as well. Now we know every chapter has someone that deserves one of these pins so our hope is to see many members proudly wearing one.

Until we meet again please continue to ride safe, participate and have FUN!!! 

Joe and Pam Heidenreich
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Membership Enhancement Coordinator

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