Joe and Pam Heidenreich

Joe and Pam Heidenreich

Membership Enhancement Coordinators

The Membership Enhancement Coordinator's main purpose is the retention of Members. Coordinators will also work with Directors at each level to promote FUN activities for the Members. They will work with the Directors to educate the Membership on the many benefits of being a GWRRA Member (i.e. Gold Book, Wing World, Rescue Program, etc...) and make sure all the New and Prospective Members are contacted on a monthly basis when the Area Report List is sent out from the Home Office.

Membership Enhancement Coordinator Position Description Manual (Click Here)

Just one more month until the beginning of your District’s new game “WING RIDING WISCONSIN” starts. This game is meant to get chapters out and riding and having fun. It also touches on the many programs of GWRRA. By following the rules you will be participating in membership enhancement, rider education, and motorist awareness. By participating in the game you will also be full filling a very important duty as a chapter by writing a newsletter and include stories about your rides and submitting those articles in your monthly newsletter. Your ride articles can be as long or short as you would like. Just as long as you mention how many bikes, trikes, vehicles etc. went on the ride with three being the minimum and how far the ride was with fifty miles being the minimum. Meet these three requirements, three bikes, trikes, vehicles. Ride must be fifty miles (25 miles out and 25 miles back) as long as the ride is fifty miles. And Write about the ride for your monthly news article and your chapter will earn 2 points. Now there are other ways to earn more points on the ride. The game runs from April through October so your November newsletter will be the last newsletter where we will tally points.  All the Chapter Directors have a copy of the flyer for the game with all the rules and ways to earn more points. If you have not seen this yet ask your Chapter Director to talk about the game at your gathering this month. The rides do not need to be pre planned or put on the District Calendar to count. So get your members together get out and ride score some points and your chapter could benefit by earning Fifty dollars towards your chapter charter fee.

One date to keep in mind is April 6th this is the date picked for the Spring Officer’s Conference/OPs Meeting. This will be held at the Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids. Bring any members that would like to attend as this is not for Officers only. Meeting will start at 9 a.m. and conclude around 3 p.m. Hope to see you there. The only thing else we have to say for now is COME ON WARM WEATHER.

Joe and Pam Heidenreich
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Membership Enhancement Coordinator

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