Joe and Pam Heidenreich

Joe and Pam Heidenreich

Membership Enhancement Coordinators

The Membership Enhancement Coordinator's main purpose is the retention of Members. Coordinators will also work with Directors at each level to promote FUN activities for the Members. They will work with the Directors to educate the Membership on the many benefits of being a GWRRA Member (i.e. Gold Book, Wing World, Rescue Program, etc...) and make sure all the New and Prospective Members are contacted on a monthly basis when the Area Report List is sent out from the Home Office.

Membership Enhancement Coordinator Position Description Manual (Click Here)

 One thing we would like to talk about this month is membership in the Gold Wing Road Riders Association. I am sure everyone here knows as well as we do that our chapter sizes are getting smaller and the numbers of active members that participate is shrinking as well. The reasons for members not participating are many. Some have health issues, some have had their family lives change and can no longer spend as much time with their chapters. Some no longer want to ride and feel as if they don’t really belong any more so they stop showing up at chapter events. Please make these members feel welcome just as if they are still riding.

 As we talk to members from around the state they all have the same concerns. There are a few ways for us as a whole to try and combat this trend. Have your chapter make up a chapter flyer. It doesn’t have to be very elaborate but have key information on it such as who we are, where your chapter has their monthly gathering and a contact number on it whether it be the chapter director or membership enhancement coordinator and an email address. Some people are more apt to write an email looking for information about your chapter rather than pick up the phone and call. Make up some business cards to pass out. They don’t take up much room and they will have all your important contact information on them. Carry these flyers and cards with you whether on your bike or in your car and pass them out whenever you can and to whom ever you can.

Another great tool you can use is what the National Office sends out each month. The monthly Area Report or Territory Report (yes I heard the groans) comes every month with new and prospective members on it for chapters to contact. Contact these people they are the ones that really want to be contacted. They want to know about the Gold Wing Road Riders Association especially if they are new members. They want to be connected to a chapter and learn how things work in the Association. Prospective members will sometimes talk your ear off for an hour trying to get a feel for if this is something for them or not. Then we have to do our best to sell it to them. Another thing to do is for the chapters to get these people on your email list. Give them the National and District web addresses and where they can find your chapter information on line.   Whether they are a New Member or Prospective member start getting them information on what your chapter is doing. It is important to keep them informed even if they don’t start showing up right away someday they might. It doesn’t cost anything to have them on your email list and keep them informed. So there you have it a few ways to try and get more members. Don’t get discouraged because not everyone wants to join or be involved with a chapter someday they just might. We hope everyone is having a great summer and remember the District Rally is only a month away.


Joe and Pam Heidenreich
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Membership Enhancement Coordinator

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