Joe and Pam Heidenreich

Joe and Pam Heidenreich

Membership Enhancement Coordinators

The Membership Enhancement Coordinator's main purpose is the retention of Members. Coordinators will also work with Directors at each level to promote FUN activities for the Members. They will work with the Directors to educate the Membership on the many benefits of being a GWRRA Member (i.e. Gold Book, Wing World, Rescue Program, etc...) and make sure all the New and Prospective Members are contacted on a monthly basis when the Area Report List is sent out from the Home Office.

Membership Enhancement Coordinator Position Description Manual (Click Here)

There is a new position on the District staff starting up. It is the District Ride Coordinator. We would like to Thank Don Walloch for stepping up to fill this position. With the help of Don the District will now be able to try and reach more members and get more people together for rides and fun. Their focus will not only be the chapters but all members of the District. Events will be brought to you in a number of social media outlets like Facebook and the District Calendar. There may even be mass emails sent out to keep everyone informed.  So with this new position filled look for more information coming your way about new and exciting events for all of us to enjoy.

The Spring Ops meeting is going to be held April 7th at the Winter Green Resort in the Dells. If you have not attended an OPs meeting yet now would be a good time to do so. There will be a lot of information to be shared such updates about Dust Off which is right around the corner in May. There will also be some discussion about the Wisconsin District Chapter Tour Sheet program. Remember to bring your tour sheet with those chapter events you have attended so far this year signed off on.

Please remember if your chapter has chosen an Individual of the Year or a Coupe of the Year to please let us know. We would like to have the opportunity to reach out to them. Please remember that if you are asked to serve in one of these positions by your chapter that you were chosen for what you have already done and not for what you may do in the future meaning that you do not have to take this commitment any farther in the program other than just serving your chapter. We would like to see more participation at the District Rally and for someone to advance farther in the program but it is not necessary.

We would like to thank those chapters that are taking the effort in completing the Area Reports that are sent out each month. It is great to be getting them back from some chapters that were not able to get them done in the past. It is great that each month we may get one or two more back. WAY TO GO!!!

Remember to ride safe and have FUN!!!

Joe and Pam Heidenreich
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Membership Enhancement Coordinator

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