Rallys come in all sizes (District, Region, National, International) and can be a great time.  They allow us to meet new friends, see old friends and experience both new and old FUN.  Those that might be able to attend come from all Members of GWRRA from around the country.  Most have some sort of theme that may allow you to, for example, "Get Your Hippie Groove On".  These themes and events allow you to participate in any manner you wish.  The more you participate, the more fun (and memories) you have.




These Rallies allow you to participate in rides and to experience local activities and venues.  They may also offer training and seminars covering a variety of topics that can be used in your personal or work life.  You may have an opportunity to share ideas with a variety of Members in an open forum.  There may even be a craft class where you can create your very own masterpiece.



One of the best apects of ANY gathering of GWRRA Members is the FUN that can be had by all that attend.  The ride to and from the event.  The food (and ice cream) that can be enjoyed along the way.  The exploration of a new road or checking out a what I like to call "Alternative Routing" (we are never lost, just going different way).  The thing that makes all of this a great time is being able to share these with those we are fortunate to call friends and family!


Another benefit of attending these types of events is the sharing of ideas and discussing how we can help each other in our common goal of growing our Association.  The article below is a result of such a discussion and Amy Peterson being willing to share her thoughts.  I hope to continue to share thougts with other Members around the country and plan to pass them along.  The bottom line is to participate when and where you are able.  Who knows, you just might have a blast as well as share an idea. 



An Important Ingredient

By Amy Peterson


Webster's Dictionary defines passion as "enthusiasm, zeal; intense emotion compelling action." Passion also happens to be the most elusive, intangible factor that the people in any organization can possess.

So how does passion relate to GWRRA, leadership and service? Here are a few thoughts to consider.


Going above and beyond the call of duty to help others could be one example. How about the person who finds a wallet and, after calling the owner's home for hours only to get no answer, delivers it personally to the owner's home? Perhaps just introducing yourself to a new member is all that's needed to leave a positive impression and make that person's day.


Passionate people should not be confused with workaholics. Workaholics are driven by obsession and may be trying to escape from their problems by throwing themselves into their work. People with passion work hard (and a lot), but they do so because they are driven to do so.


Passion is doing what you enjoy so much that at the end of the day you don't want to stop - not for the money or credit, but for the pure love of what you are doing. When you finally shut off the lights and go home, there's an incredible sense of self-satisfaction in knowing that you've done your very best.


Motorcycling and our GWRRA family is a passion for many of us. Let’s continue to share both of these in a positive way with the people around us – whether it’s a close acquaintance or a friend we haven’t yet met.


That’s really the focus of the structure changes taking place within the Association at the end of the year. Many members join for the motorcycles and Wing World magazine. As we meet other members at chapter, district, region and other events, it’s the people that often provide the motivation to keep us coming back.

We are renewing the focus on riding those motorcycles that first attracted many of us, and simplifying the “business” side to keep things as fun and stress free as possible for our dedicated volunteer leaders. What’s working well in your chapter?  Continue to do those things!   Is there room for improvement in other areas?  Be flexible and keep an open mind as your chapter tries something new.