2018 is starting to show promise for a great riding season!  The Members in Wisconsin have great leaders at the Chapter Level.  These people are the backbone of the organization and are very important for supporting our Members.  Here are a few new Directors in 2018:


Welcome Don and Cheri Walloch as the Director of Chapter K.  Thanks for stepping up and being willing to guide Chapter Kfor the foreseable future.  Congratulate them when you see them next.

Welcome Ron Weber as the new Director for Chapter N.  Ron has been a long time Member who has agreed to take on the mantle of Director for WI-N.  Thanks for being willing to take on this task.

Welcome John and Kim Treweek as Director for Chapter Q.  John has big plans for rides and activities for Chapter Q.  Check out the flyer for their Fund Raiser on April 28th.  I know I look forward to attending!

This next one is a little different.  Senior Chapter Director Dean Walk has agreed to be the Director of merged Chapters S and X.  We are working with National to determine how this merger is to take place and will let everyone know how this will happen as soon as possible.


As mentioned last month, were had a few positions to fill on the District Team: District Ride Coordinator and District University Coordinator. 

It is our sincere thanks that we can state that the Ride Coordinator role has been filled by Don Walloch.  Thanks Don for taking on this role as well as that of Chapter Director for WI-K!

We still have a need to fill the District University Coordinator position.  I've added the discription for that position for your review.


District University Coordinator-
The District University Coordinator will assess the training needs in the District. They will make the recommendations if additional ITCP Certified Trainers or Certified Instructor Trainers are needed in the District. They will gather requests from Chapters of their training request and put joint events on with Chapters, where possible, to enjoy the training as well as the social event.

In addition, District University Coordinator will work with the District Educator and the District Ride Coordinator to plan at least quarterly Education events. The Ride Coordinator will create the fun of the ride to the destination and the District Educator or University Coordinator will plan the education program. The event should be fun and social with education the theme. The District Director will support and the District MEP will provide some of the fun activities to be included in the day/weekend event.
If the District puts on a rally, the University Coordinator will work with the Team and volunteers to put on a rally focused on fun, socialization, rides and education that fits each District’s needs.

Frank and Sharon Jackson
WI District Directors