Spring is in the air!  I know we are getting tires installed and service done in preparation for a Fun-filled 2018.  Rallies, Fun-Raiser or just a ride with no destination.  It does not matter because we’ll be riding with our GWRRA friends and family.  Those folks that have the same idea of fun, safety and knowledge.  Or it could be with brand new friends with who you can share your enthusiasm about motorcycling.

These could be people you met at the gas station and struck up a conversation about each other’s rides.  It could be the couple that your dealership told you were interested in GWRRA.  They could be folks that you met at one of the fundraisers being hosted by one of the many Chapters in your area. 

Below is an invitation to a tool that a Chapter may take advantage of for such a fundraiser.  I know many are looking for new ways of fundraising and this may be a new way to inject something new.  This is just another tool that may be useful to those looking for new ideas.


To: Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Good morning Gold Wing Road Riders Association,

IHOP is now available for Gold Wing Road Riders Association restaurant fundraisers.

During March, April and May, Gold Wing Road Riders Association members and supporters can host fundraisers at IHOP who will donate 15% of sales back to Gold Wing Road Riders Association!

Simply choose a date and schedule your fundraiser in 5 minutes. You can select up to 3 dates for the coming months.

View Available Dates for IHOP 

I hope this is a helpful and fun way to raise funds and spread awareness for Gold Wing Road Riders Association in your community!

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GroupRaise | The most delicious way to change the world



Here are just a few of benefits of belonging to GWRRA that you can discuss with those interested. 



  • Gold Book Service Directory – You're never alone when you carry your Gold Book.  Participating Members listed by state to assist you with lodging, tools, directions, or just fellowship.


  • Rider Education – Working hand-in-glove with such eminent organizations as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the national association of State Motorcycle Administrators (SMSA), GWRRA Educators conduct informative and entertaining riding and classroom sessions to improve riding skills and safety. GWRRA's exclusive four-tier Rider Education Program encourages consistent ongoing training through commitment to safe motorcycling, frequently refreshed training in CPR and first aid skills, and ongoing study. Recognizing the realities of today's motorcycling, GWRRA is one of the few sources of skill and safety education for motorcyclists who operate trikes and/or who pull trailers. GWRRA conducts hundreds of seminars and training sessions through its volunteer corps of educators, and takes the message of being motorcycle aware to the general public through its exclusive and proactive public speaking volunteers in its Motorist Awareness Division (MAD). http://www.gwrra.org/regional/ridered/index.html
  • Chapter Life - Come join the fun at a Chapter meeting!  Go along on a group ride, partake in a poker-run, potluck, charity ride, or any of the numerous activities available to GWRRA Members in their local area.
  • Leadership Training – Free training that focuses on leadership skills.  Though some of the training deals specifically with skills needed in a GWRRA leadership position, other training deals with Life Skills and Member Orientation topics that will enhance the member's life both within and outside of GWRRA.  http://ltp.gwrra.org
  • Membership Materials – 4" full-color patch, two 4" full-color decals, full-color Membership pin, and more.
  • Find-A-Friend Council – For each new Member you find, you accumulate credits toward the Hall of Fame and Hall of Honor Awards.
  • Couple of the Year (COY) – COY programs to recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals within GWRRA.
  • Special Interests Groups – Special interest groups for camping, Valkyrie, Classic wings, Cyber wings, Speakers bureaus, etc.
  • Professional Office Staff – Provides exceptional customer service that far exceeds the standard others provide. 800-843-9460 Online data management is offered at http://membership.gwrra.org