It looks like riding season is beginning in earnest!  The weather seems to be in our favor, the salt looks like it has been washed off the roadways.  That means it is time to start venturing out to see other Chapter and Members after the long Winter.

Chapter Q had their fundraiser on April 28th and it was a great time.  There were riders from Chapters WI-H and WI-N there, as well as others from Chapter WI-S and WI-J.  The food was great, and it was very cool to see everyone.  Thanks John Treweek and Chapter WI-Q!

Chapters WI-C and WI-E are having brat frys this coming weekend.  It will be a good reason to get some riding in and visit with other Chapters!  Riding is what it’s all about.  Bring your Wisconsin District Tour Sheet with you to be signed at each Chapter’s event.

Now that we all are starting to get riding in, it may be time to hone those skills that have rusted a bit during the winter.  Chapter WI-H and Bruce Gebhard are putting on a Parking Lot Practice day on May 12th at the Ho Chuck Casino side parking lot (4002 Evan Acres Rd, Madison, WI).  The times are Noon to 3:00 PM and standard safety gear (helmet, eye protection, gloves, jacket or long sleeve shirt and boots that cover your ankles) is required to participate.  Bring your Wisconsin District Tour Sheet with you to be signed.

If you are participating in the Rider Education Levels program, we are also hosting ARC on June 23rd and TRC Courses on June 24th in Wisconsin Rapids.  These courses are being held at South Wood County Recreation Center ( 2711  S 16th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494). 

The GWRRA Rider Education Program (REP) is intended to make the motorcycle environment safer by reducing injuries and fatalities and increasing motorcyclist skills and awareness. The REP does not propose to have all the answers. However, our close-working relationship with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), as well as additional GWRRA programs and studies, has provided a wealth of information for use in establishing a comprehensive Rider Education Program. Through Commitment, Education and Application, we can reduce our accident rate significantly. Listed below are several benefits of a fully implemented GWRRA Rider Education Program at the Chapter level:

  • Increased rider knowledge
  • Increased rider safety skills
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Reduced injuries
  • Reduced fatalities
  • Improved general public image of motorcyclists
  • Enhanced enjoyment of motorcycle riding

The motorcycle community is already realizing many positive benefits from the GWRRA Rider Education Program. Through the efforts of the Rider Education Officers and participation of the membership and others, we will reach our goal of establishing the safest motorcycle environment possible.

Riding motorcycles.  This is the thing that brought all of us to thi Association.  The rides to those special locations (and meals).  Those Chapter events and rallies (and meals) you shared with friends and other Members.  There are many Members you don't get to share the Fun with any more.  Have you called/emailed them about a ride or event that was coming up?  Do they know about the new ride schedule or gathering location?  All of us can reduce the loss of existing Members just by making sure they are updated on what is happening at the Chapter Level.  Remember, it's all about sharing the Fun with those already know how much Fun it is to ride and participate with like-minded people.  Let's do what we can to keep EVERYONE updated one the Fun we have!!

Frank and Sharon Jackson
WI District Directors