Riding motorcycles.  The main reason we all joined GWRRA.  Many of us may have never met had it not been for riding motorcycles.  We are extremely happy to have joined and met Members we call friends. 

Last month we even got to add another thing many of us have in common…camping.  Dust off was great fun and April and Bill fed us a ton (something else we have in common)!  Our District Ride Coordinator (Don Walloch) had great routes planned to handle the riding requirements. Not sure how, but the weather even cooperated!  Thank you to EVERYONE that was able to come out.  It was great FUN!

Joe and Pam Heidenreich did great on promoting the District Tour Sheet program.  See their article to see who won REAL money for participating.

For those who want to become better riders, we are conducing ARC and TRC on Saturday, June 23rd, and Sunday June 24th,  2018 in Wisconsin Rapids at  South Wood County Recreation Center, 2711 16th Street S, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494.   Check the District site for details.

Anyone going to Wing Ding in Knoxville this year?  If you are planning to go, there may be a chance to help out for a short time.  Let us know if you plan to go and we’ll get details on how we might support GWRRA and have some fun…riding motorcycles.

The information below is from a communication tool (Insight Newsletter) and helps to answer questions that have been asked regarding some changes.  The main thing to keep in mind is the reason for these changes is to get back to that thing we all have in common, riding motorcycles.  Anita Alkire’s article helps to expound on some of those changes as well as informing us on a new program designed to help with recruiting. 


First Quarter Review AND some New Programs

We are half way into our second quarter of 2018, the year of change, and I thought it was time for a review, myth blasting, and refocus. I’ve listened to the District Directors, read newsletters, and talked with Members and Officers.  Overall, it seems we are doing pretty well.  We do seem to have a couple of things that just keep reoccurring.


Myth blasting

I can still have my Chapter Educator even though they aren’t an Officer? In the spirit of the change, the Chapter Educator position was eliminated so the Chapter would focus on riding, socializing, and fun. As they focus on riding, they focus on sharing safety and that is everyone’s opportunity to help others learn from what you know. Specifically, if you’re a Master Tour Rider or Co-Rider, you can help your fellow riders and co-riders learn from your knowledge and experience. So please embrace these new ideas and release the past so together we can reshape our Association.

I can’t find out about where my Members are with their levels or education. This is simply false. Your District Educator can print out by Chapter where each Member is and what your Chapter might be needing. It is the responsibility of the District Educator to be watching this. The message could be sent to the Chapter Director and a responsible Master to assist our Members with their levels. BUT, the District Educator and their Assistants should be visiting your Chapter and bringing the message. The District Educator should be evaluating the educational needs of the District and then coordinating with the District Team to provide those opportunities.

The Ride Coordinator is supposed to be the Educator for my Chapter now. No, they are not. A very different role has been created with this position. Many Chapters already have or had a ride coordinator and I am hearing that they don’t want to stay in the position now because of all the reporting and paperwork. THERE IS NO REPORTING AND NO PAPERWORK! The only paperwork should be that what is needed to promote the ride that is coming up. The reason that I decided that they should be Officers was to extend the insurance coverage of GWRRA insurance to this Officer. They need to be the Ride Coordinator, not necessary to lead every ride but to have fun in promoting a ride adventure. Please don’t confuse this position with more than what is intended. It should be one of the most fun positions in the Chapter and District!

The University is taking over Rider Education. This one surprises me the most! It is the point of view of what is and point of view with a protective lens. One must look at the University as any University. It houses the classes, certifies the Instructors, and helps keep the records. That is how our University is designed, structured, and is working. Are Rider Education classes listed in the University? Yes! When you look at the classes offered at a University do they only offer or promote only one subject? No, they list all the schools in their University and the classes offered in them. Just like GWRRA University. That doesn’t mean the University is taking over any one school, it means they house them all. Part of the point of view that needs to change is that this is GWRRA University and not Leadership Training. Leadership Training as it used to be is gone. It is an older version of GWRRA where we separated everything that we did, and the truth is that didn’t benefit our Membership. By unifying the way we present classes, train our Instructors, and construct the very classes themselves, we have enhanced the training opportunity across the board for GWRRA Members.

Does a University promote all class offerings? Most Universities promote as many of their offerings as possible. So, if the University FB page or MEP or GWRRA FB page has flyers of a Rider Ed, Medic First Aid, Lead Like You Ride, or any other training event that is happening, that is part of the University responsibilities and the TEAM helping to promote educational offerings to our entire Membership.

My Opinion - Why is most of the resistance in Rider Education. It’s not because Tim Grimes, Director of Rider Education, and Clara Boldt, Director of the University, are not clear in their message. They are, and work together extremely well! Our very passionate Rider Educators and University Coordinators and Instructors need to clearly understand our new model, and then work together for the benefit of the Membership. Our District Directors need to make certain that their Team is working together as a Team, and when they are not, they need to address it and if needed, reach out for help.

It’s adjustment time. A little tweak here and a tweak there will help us refocus and all get back on track toward our new vision and future of GWRRA. I truly appreciate everyone of the leaders in GWRRA and TEAM GWRRA is ready to help wherever it’s needed.


We have been working with Honda to come up with a new recruiting idea. All of us at Home Office are committed to growth and retention in GWRRA. To help us gain some new Members we are going to introduce two new programs within the next month.


HONDA Dealer Program-

This one is really exciting and it’s coming from two directions. One from Home Office and the other from the Members who are calling and telling us they have dealers who want to share our story and Membership. GWRRA will provide to a dealer a special Membership application to GWRRA. The Dealer will be giving a 4-month free Membership to GWRRA when that person purchases a new or used Gold Wing, cruiser, or touring bike from their dealership. They will have a special “new member line” to send the application to Home Office. We will immediately process the new Membership and then send it to the District Director so they can share it with their District MEP who will contact that Member and get them involved. The sooner we offer that new Member the opportunity to join us for a ride or education opportunity, the sooner they will feel and experience all the benefits of Membership. Home Office will then follow up with the Dealer and offer to send Wing World Magazines to the dealership monthly, and more materials if they wish.


What we are asking of you is to talk with your favorite dealer. Share with them this idea and see if they are interested. We will have all the material they need on our website soon and you can even take it in with you when you talk with them. If they want to participate:


1. Send an email to dealerprogram@gwrra.org with the dealer’s information and contact person.


2. Give us your name and Member number so we know where this is coming from and can enter you into our Thank You drawing.


3. Let the Dealer know that we will be highlighting them as a Supporting Dealer and we will feature them on our website and the Gold Book.


This starts with you and your relationship as that is always the best way. We, Home Office, will also be reaching out to dealers about 30 days after the launch to give you the first opportunity to talk with your Dealer.


Membership Award Program-

We are putting a new application together that will give each Member in good standing with GWRRA the opportunity to give a 4-month Membership to the purchaser of their bike when they sell it (hopefully to buy a new Gold Wing). We have the Membership transfer, but in most cases, we are buying a new bike and don’t want to give up our Membership in GWRRA. This way we get to spread the fun by giving that purchaser the opportunity to join us and find out what “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge” is all about. This is also to say thank you to all our loyal Members.


So, have another great month, remember to reach out and call someone on our ARL that you haven’t seen in a while and invite them out for a ride or a conversation. Let’s help them understand how important they are to all of us.


Anita & JR Alkire