We rely on the enthusiastic volunteers for our programs.  One such group is the Rider Instructors.  To name a few in this group are Bruce Gebhard and Jerry Hempe from Wisconsin, Joy and Scott Mattson and Bob Hicks from Minnesota.  These Members (and their families) have given their time and effort to become such Instructors.  Bob Lake also gave his time to work with these volunteers on their training.

With the Help of Dan Davis and Kris Andre as Instructors, and John Sweeney Jr. (WI District Educator) handling logistics we were able to hold Advance Rider (ARC) and Trike Rider (TRC) Courses this year.  There were 5 2-wheel bikes for the ARC class and 8 trikes for the TRC class.  The Members that attended are to be applauded for there commitment to sharpening their skills.  That is one of the things we all want… to be better riders.  Thank you all for your commitment!

Remember some of the Members that used to attend all your events?  Remember that couple that helped with every fundraiser?  If you missed these valuable Members, reach out to see how they are doing.  Things may have changed for them, but we should remind them how much we all miss them.

I know that our District Membership Enhancement Coordinators (Joe and Pam Heindereich) communicate with each new Member, as well as those whose Membership renewal may be due.  While we all would like to recruit new Members (see info below on a new dealership program), we have many Members that need to be invited to stay.  Reach out and help retain our Members!



Dealer Program  

GWRRA will provide to a dealer a special Membership application to GWRRA. The Dealer will be giving a 4-month free Membership to GWRRA when that person purchases a new or used Gold Wing, cruiser or touring bike from their dealership. They will have a special “new member line” to send the application to Home Office. We will immediately process the new Membership and then send it to the District Director so they can share it with their District MEP who will contact that Member and get them involved. The sooner we offer that new Member the opportunity to join us for a ride or education opportunity, the sooner they will feel and experience all the benefits of Membership.


Home Office will then follow up with the Dealer and offer to send them Wing World Magazines to the dealership monthly and more materials if they wish.


What we are asking of you is to talk with your favorite dealer. Share with them this idea and see if they are interested. We will have all the material they need on our website soon and you can even take it in with you when you talk with them. If they want to participate:

1. Send an email to dealerprogram@gwrra.org with the dealer’s information and contact person.

2. Give us your name and Member number so we know where this is coming from and can enter you into our Thank You drawing.

3. Let the Dealer know that we will be highlighting them as a Supporting Dealer and we will feature them on our website and the Gold Book.


This starts with you and your relationship as that is always the best way. We, Home Office, will also be reaching out to dealers about 30 days after the launch to give you the first opportunity to talk with your Dealer.


2018 Wisconsin District Rally  

Aloha!  The 2018 Wisconsin District Rally  ”Luau Party” will be here before we know it.  September 14 & 15 at the Wintergreen Resort, 60 Glasser Rd, Lake Delton Wi.  We are busy working on all the details for a fun filled weekend.  Be sure to mention GWRRA when making your reservations at 800-648-4765.  Please pre-register by August 18th.  Check the District web site for the registration form, gwrra-wi.org 

We need your support to make the Rally successful!  We are asking each Chapter to provide a basket with a $50.00 value, for the basket raffle.  We will once again have a competition for the Chapter that has sold the most tickets in their bucket.  Your Chapter can win their Charter fees paid by the District.  Good luck to everyone.  We always look forward to seeing the creativity that is put into making your baskets.

 We will be having the dinner again this year on Saturday the 15th.  For those that pre-register the cost is $6.00.  After August 18th the price is $11.00.  Please get those registrations in early to take advance of the great discount.  As soon as we have the entire menu set, we will get that information out to you.

After the dinner and before closing, we will be doing a “Toast & Roast” your favorite Chapter Member.  We need 3 to 4 Members from each Chapter to participate in this fun and light hearted activity.    When we each volunteer to participate, we all have fun!  So look around your Chapters and find those Members that you’d love to honor and let’s have some fun!  No big speeches, we promise it will be harmless.  Just some wholesome fun!

As we get the Rally schedule and other activities finalized we will be passing the information along to you.   The District Rally is put together for the great GWRRA Members of Wisconsin.  We need the Members to make the GWRRA Wisconsin District Rally great!  So, get those registration forms filled out and sent in!  Thank you!

Frank and Sharon Jackson