Rallies are great fun for those who can attend.  Seeing people from your Chapter, other Chapters and from around the country is a bonus.  Rides, dance (with DJ), games and meeting new and old friends are just some of the things that happen at our Rallies.  We’d like to thank all who were able to attend this year’s WI district Rally.  It was a great time as evidenced by the pictures here:



If you were not able to attend, one of the things you missed was a speech by April Johnsted.  After many years of supporting the Chapters and District, April has decided to take a break as Wisconsin District Treasurer.  April has given much to supporting the FUN activities and will continue to participate in all we have planned.  When you see April, thank her for all she’s done for us.  We are looking for a new Treasurer, so if you are interested or know someone who might be, have them get in touch with April or the District team.

Another announcement you would have missed would be Don and Cheri Walloch agreeing to be the Assistant District Directors for Wisconsin.  Sharon and I want to thank them for accepting this role and look forward to working with them in the future.  Look for articles from them as Assistants beginning with this edition of the newsletter. 

We also revealed that next year’s District Rally will move locations as well as the date.  It will be held at the Hotel Mead June 21st and June 22nd 2019 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  Stay tuned for more details including rides, possible vendors and activities.

One more item to note is the scheduling of the ARC/TRC courses for 2019.  They will be held in conjunction with the Rally.  The idea is to combine activities in a way to maximize participation by all Members.  Remember, the Rally is your chance to have FUN and mingle with Members from around the world!