Wisconsin Medic First Aid (MFA) Guidelines


  • Classes should be scheduled between the months of November to March.  It will be much easier coordinating classes during the non riding season.


  • Class requests must be made at least four (4) weeks in advance to ensure equipment, supplies and instructor availability.  A minimum of six (6) students will be required to schedule a class.


  • A list of members names should be sent to the District MFA Coordinator.   Members must be current.


  • Chapters will request classes through their District MFA Coordinator.  This may be done electronically or by phone.


  • Chapters are required to provide a meeting place.  That meeting place should be equipped with:


  1. Ample space for seating and floor exercises. (Carpeted area or mats are preferred for floor exercises.)

  2. Tables and chairs for students.

  3. TV and DVD player.


Class size is no more than 12 students per instructor.  A maximum of 24 students can be taught by at least 2 instructors. If for some reason there are not enough GWRRA students available for a class you may allow non-members to join the GWRRA class. NO CLASSES will be given outside of GWRRA for any reason.  All courses will be conducted completely and according to MEDIC FIRST AID® requirements. No short-cutting of material will be allowed or tolerated whatsoever.




  • Fees for the Basic Plus G2015 classes will be $20.00 per member.


  • All checks MUST be made payable to GWRRA-WI.


  • Fees are to be collected by the person organizing the class in advance of the class.  The organizer will turn over payments to the facilitator the day of the class.


  • There will be a $25.00 charge added to ALL returned checks.



Jeff Schulz


District MFA Coordinator
867 Iroquois Trail
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

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