John Sweeney Jr

District Educator

Our World Class Educational Program has many avenues to educate both our motorcycle community and the general driving public. The illustration to the right shows how our program is structured.

The GWRRA Rider Education Program (REP) is intended to make the motorcycle riding  environment safer by reducing injuries and fatalities and increasing motorcyclist skills and awareness. The REP does not propose to have all the answers.

However, our close-working relationship with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), as well as additional GWRRA programs and studies, has provided a wealth of information for use in establishing a comprehensive Rider Education Program.

Through Commitment, Education and Application, we can reduce our accident rate significantly.

Listed below are several benefits of a fully implemented GWRRA Rider Education Program at the District and Chapter level:

  • Increased rider knowledge
  • Increased rider safety skills
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Reduced injuries
  • Reduced fatalities
  • Improved general public image of motorcyclists
  • Enhanced enjoyment of motorcycle riding
  • Enhanced motorcycle safety through Motorist Awareness public presentations

Both the motorcycle and motorist community are already realizing many positive benefits from the GWRRA Rider Education Program. Through the efforts of the Rider Education Officers and volunteers throughout the world, we will reach our goal of establishing the safest motorcycle environment possible.

Hello all of our riding friends! What happened? The 80's are gone? Okay,

I guess fall is upon us. Still plenty of good riding yet! So, I bring
you tidings of comfort and joy. Enjoy the riding, but please be sure
that you can be seen. Fall colors are coming and the colors and the
leaves can be an intimidation for us motorcyclists, along with cooler
temperatures. Stay hydrated, and keep warm. Rain will also pose its own
problems, along with chilling us faster, and also the wind will help to
chill us.
Fall color rides will be coming soon and I hope you enjoy the colors!
I enjoyed seeing those of you who attended the Rally in the Dells. So
nice to renew acquaintances and make new ones. Be safe, so we can visit
again. The ARC and TRC training courses are now set for next year in
Wisconsin Rapids on June 21 and 22. You are welcome to participate or
observe. Join us! Those of you who attended, saw that the Rider Ed and
Motorist Awareness table was in the Lobby. I appreciate the District
Team for locating it there, because it gives us motorcyclists and more
importantly, non motorcyclists the opportunity to learn about our needs
for the non cyclists to watch for us, and be aware of the danger to us,
not seeing or not being aware of us in their midst! The intent from the
National Office now is making the general public more aware, through the
Motorist Awareness Program.
If any Chapters do a particular activity towards making motorists aware,
I want to know, so I can add it to my monthly report to the Home Office.
An email will do just fine.
Put a smile on your face as you ride into the sunset, riding your
wonderful machines! Before it snows!
John Sweeney Jr.
District Educator And Motorist Awareness Officer
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