Hello everyone! Is it cold enough for you yet? It surely is for me as I write this. Brutally cold for the next 3 days, after 7 to 8 inches of snow. Hard to think of motorcycle riding with these conditions. Our district just finished two MFA courses and certified two new instructors. I am greatly pleased to welcome Janel Williams and Tina Gebhard as MFA instructors and I know that with their past experiences they will do an excellent job for us! We have another MFA course being held on February 23, in Winneconne, starting at 8 am. You can contact Chapter M if you are interested, or Chapter E, who are planning a course in March.


I could talk about safe driving for motorcycling, but not relevant right now. I hope that you still talk about safety at your socials, even though we do not have Chapter Educators anymore. We still want everyone to ride safely. And we can look at driving in the winter safely also. Extreme heat and extreme cold both do numbers of detrimental things to us, so be prepared for possible emergencies.


We have rider courses coming up, so please consider refreshing and improving your skills or taking your first course. Everyone tends to find something to work on or learn each time we participate and I am included in that also.


I offer everyone, the opportunity to join those of us who are in the levels program, or to move up in the levels. Not something that is hard to do. Show that you believe in riding your motorcycle safely!

And from a Motorist Awareness Program perspective, let's show all motorists around us, bicyclists, motorcyclists of all kinds and cars and trucks! Our emphasis from the national office is to educate the people around us. Tell them what you encounter. What you like about riding and what you don't like about riding. We know who benefits from our care to tell the public about our enjoyment and the hazards that we deal with all of the time. Especially those who do not pay attention!


Be safe and wear the proper clothing for the temperatures! I want to see you the next time we get together. I am at your service and willing to meet or help to answer any questions I can, within my duties as your District Educator.

John Sweeney Jr.
District Educator And Motorist Awareness Officer