Don and Cheri Walloch

Wisconsin Assistant District Directors

Welcome to our District's Website, your Gold Wing Road Riders Association destination in Wisconsin!  Enjoy the sites and riding available here.  Take a look at the many events and opportunities to share in what the state has to offer.

We would like to start this article by thanking Frank and Sharon for asking us to be Assistant District Directors for Badgerland.  We promise that we will give this District 110% effort in anything we are challenged to do.  The most important thing we would like everyone to understand is that we will do it for the Member. 

For those of you that don’t know us, we have always been willing to help the leadership in any way we can.  This is our second stint on the District Team.  In the past we were the Website and Newsletter Editors.  We also served on the former Region E staff as Website and Newsletter Editors, and also as Assistant Directors.  After the reorganization of GWRRA and the elimination of Regions, we found ourselves without a task within the GWRRA organization for the first time in seven years.  After a little break we decided we would assume the task of being Chapter K’s Director again for the second time.  This has been nothing but rewarding for us.  We are trying to sustain the current membership numbers and also looking to bring in new Members. 

We have always had a great relationship with Frank and Sharon in that we leave open a great line of communication.  Without that, our relationship like most would more than likely fail.  Like any other relationship you are in, that same principle applies.  If you don’t communicate with the Members of your Chapter, how do you feel your Chapter’s spirts, morale, and enthusiasm will be?  We would bet pretty low.   If Members have a problem with how your Chapter is being run, then communicate that to your Chapter Director.  If you don’t get any satisfaction from your Chapter Director, then please bring your concerns to the District Director to get them resolved. 

The District is obligated to put on a Rally for its Members.  It gives us an opportunity to get together with not only Members within our District, but even out of District Members that are interested in attending.  It doesn’t matter if there were 75 Members or 275.  Quite frankly that isn’t a big concern of ours, and it really shouldn’t be for anyone.  The point of the Rally is for the Members to get together and enjoy each other’s company and ride motorcycles.  Those of you that attended this past Rally are ambassadors for our District in getting the word around of the great time you had.  There were a lot of laughs and your positive attitude will help move our District forward. 

At our next Chapter K gathering we will talk about the good time we had and what those that didn’t attend missed.  We will tell them if it wasn’t for the District Rally we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet the Assistant District Director of North Dakota and talk to him about their District life.  Our Rally gave us an opportunity to lead a couple of rides with Members from four different Districts including Canada.  It gave us an opportunity to lead this group through a couple of wrong turns and joke about it for days after.  But most importantly it gave us an opportunity to rekindle friendships with other Chapter Members that we don’t see or talk to daily.

To us, this is one of the biggest reasons we joined GWRRA - for the camaraderie with people that have the same interest as us, and that is riding a motorcycle.  So please don’t get hung up on numbers of people that attend.  The ones that are attending still have those same interests as you, otherwise they wouldn’t be there themselves.

Again, thank you Frank and Sharon for this humbling opportunity to serve the Members.  We are looking forward to moving the District forward in every positive way possible.


Don and Cheri Walloch
Assistant District Directors