Don and Cheri Walloch

Wisconsin Assistant District Directors

Welcome to our District's Website, your Gold Wing Road Riders Association destination in Wisconsin!  Enjoy the sites and riding available here.  Take a look at the many events and opportunities to share in what the state has to offer.

The first attempt to hold two Medic First Aid (MFA) classes and Wingo in the same day was a success.  While some may say we didn’t have the numbers as in the past, which I would agree, that doesn’t mean things didn’t go well, or that the Members in attendance didn’t have fun.  We got to meet and talk to Members we haven’t seen for awhile, which gave us an opportunity to catch up with them.  The biggest asset the Members received is the opportunity to maintain their status in the Levels program.  The District also benefitted by getting two more Medic First Aid instructors certified.

At this time we would like to thank and congratulate both Jan Williams and Tina Gebhard for taking time out of their busy schedules to get certified as MFA instructors.  We would also like to thank John Sweeney, Jr. for scheduling and arranging for an instructor to come to our MFA classes and certify both Jan and Tina.  By doing this it will free up some of John’s time with both Jan and Tina now certified.  Thanks again to everyone involved.

In our past writings we have always asked why you joined GWRRA.  Is it just for the Gold Book and the Wing World magazine?  By joining did you just want to associate with your own Chapter or do you want to associate with Members from within your own District? 

Whatever the answer may be, why you joined is strictly up to you.  The District staff works very hard to put on events such as Wingo/MFA classes.  There is a great deal of planning to get instructors for the classes and making arrangements with the hotel for a conference room.  We know that some of the Chapters are holding their own MFA classes in the future so they didn’t have to attend Wingo/MFA in Wisconsin Rapids, but then they missed the opportunity to associate with the rest of the District Members.  I think it would be great for everyone in leadership roles to encourage their membership to attend a District event such as Wingo/MFA. 

I hope people don’t miss the main reason for attending events such as rallies, District Wingo/MFA, the upcoming District Picnic and La Crosse Ride-In.  It isn’t the event that is as important as getting to meet Members that you only see once a year, or maybe every other year.  It gives you a great opportunity to rekindle old friendships.  If you reach out you will not be disappointed, you may even meet new friends.  Going to the MFA class to maintain our Levels was secondary to us.  Being able to talk and have fun with Members from the Madison and Waukesha areas, to name a few, was the highlight of the weekend.  So the next time the District offers an event, consider going.  How else will you be able to meet Members from all over the District.  Just remember, they have the same interest as you do.  They like to ride a motorcycle.

When time allows, please contact one of your District Staff Members and let them know if there is something else you would like the District to try.  This year we tried to put together the Wingo/MFA day hoping it would eliminate some expense that Members might incur by having to travel to two different events.  We held the event in Wisconsin Rapids because of the venue, and it is the most central location in the State.  Some may say it was too far for them to travel, but what about the Members that have to travel from the Eau Claire or La Crosse areas?  Some Members from the Northern part of the State may think it is too far to travel to the Wisconsin Dells for a rally. Our point is if you have questions about what is going on at the District level, call a staff member.  How can things be explained if you remain silent?

Things are changing within GWRRA in how we do things.  We need to try and transition into doing things differently in place of doing things the same way over and over.  I’m not saying this is what happened, but if you keep doing the same thing year after year without changing things up, people will get bored and look to spending their time elsewhere.  It is clearly evident that the membership has dropped since we have joined GWRRA, and we would like to see that trend stop and then reverse itself and begin to trend upward with its membership.  You know the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  How true that is.  We can’t keep doing things the same way as we have in the past and expect a different outcome.

Hope to see you at a Chapter or District event soon.  Until then, stay warm and enjoy the rest of winter in the great State of Wisconsin. 


Don and Cheri Walloch
Wisconsin Assistant District Director
Phone:  715-459-2449