Don and Cheri Walloch

Wisconsin Assistant District Directors

Welcome to our District's Website, your Gold Wing Road Riders Association destination in Wisconsin!  Enjoy the sites and riding available here.  Take a look at the many events and opportunities to share in what the state has to offer.

Thanksgiving is now over and the upcoming Christmas season gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year and what we hope to accomplish in the future.  With us having three roles within the District, we have many people to thank. We would like to start by thanking Frank and Sharon for giving us the opportunity to serve the Members of this great District as their Assistants and also as the District Ride Coordinator. We look forward to helping in any way possible to provide the Members with the best GWRRA experience possible.  We would like to thank our Chapter K for making this past year a successful year and welcoming us back as their Director once again.  We also look forward to serving them for a few more years.  But most importantly we would like to thank you, the Members, for allowing us to serve you, no matter what our capacity would be.  It is an honor and privilege, and we truly thank you from the bottom of our heart.

We listen to a lot of speeches from many different Directors from all over the country at different GWRRA events.  In those speeches they always come back to GWRRA being a family.  How true that is!  We spend a great deal of time with GWRRA Members from all over the District, other Districts, and even sometimes other parts of the country.  The Members of this District are our extended family and we appreciate them and all they do. 

Just think of all the people that would not have touched your life if it wasn’t for GWRRA.  Some of you may have had a conversation with your friend, relative, or neighbor asking you if you would be interested in joining GWRRA.   If it hadn’t been for GWRRA would you have ever had the opportunity to meet anyone from a different Chapter throughout the District, or from a different District, or perhaps anyone from a different country.  More than likely your answer would be no.  GWRRA affords you that opportunity to meet those people at no added cost to you other than just participating in a gathering (social) event, a rally, or going to Wing Ding and talking to Members there.  The more you participate, the greater your experience, and we promise it is more fulfilling than you can imagine. 

Today there is a lot of discussion about membership and retainage within GWRRA.  This is mainly coming from Phoenix and the administration, and they are passing their ideas down to us.  It is important to retain and sustain a healthy growth within GWRRA for business purposes, but it also gives us as Members the opportunity to reach out to someone that has the same enthusiastic attitude and interest as we do about riding a motorcycle.  One of the words in the GWRRA motto is “Friends” and that is what you would be doing by reaching out to someone that you have something in common with.  No easier way to meet someone.

I think back at how hard it was for me to meet my wife and compare that to meeting someone within GWRRA, or going up to someone on a motorcycle and striking up a conversation about riding.  There is no comparison, meeting my wife was much more difficult!

At the beginning of the year we all try to make New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year.  Making a resolution is sort of like making a goal or objective for yourself, Chapter, or District.  We do the same thing as Directors or Members.  The beginning of 2019 is a fresh start to a new year with an opportunity to start that new goal or resolution.  If GWRRA is to maintain or reach its goals and objectives, they need our help at the Chapter and District levels.  Look at it this way when looking at retaining membership in your Chapters.  If GWRRA fails to meet its goals, then aren’t we partially to blame?  Don’t look at “why me” when it comes to recruiting or retaining Members, but ask yourself “why not me.”

The Walloch family would like to wish everyone in our GWRRA family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Don and Cheri Walloch
Assistant District Directors