Ride Coordinator

Hello Everyone -

For Directors that attended this past OPS meeting in the Dells, it sure was nice to see you again.  And for those that didn't attend, we're sorry we missed you.  It has been a while since I have been involved with GWRRA at the District level due to commitments we had at the Region level.  
As you have already heard, GWRRA is heading in a little different direction than in the past.  Does this mean more responsibility for anyone?  The answer is no.  They have reorganized operations and actually eliminated the Chapter Educator, but created a Chapter Ride Coordinator position.  All the Rider Education will now be handled thru the District. They also have created a District Ride Coordinator position.  Most of you know by attending the OPS meeting last weekend that I have accepted the District Ride Coordinator position.  Just these simple changes made within GWRRA are exciting to us as well as they should be to you also.  It is what we have been talking about for years.  
By no means am I an expert on this position, but we all bought our motorcycles to learn how to become better motorcyclists and learn things along with the members we ride with.  This new position at the Chapter level will help promote just that by bringing the enthusiasm of riding back.
One of my responsibilities is to get a Chapter Ride Coordinator in each of the Wisconsin Chapters.  This shouldn't be difficult seeing there is no longer a Chapter Educator.  It should be easier to get someone to step into this position seeing everyone can relate to it.  Please help me find a Ride Coordinator for each of your chapters.

I have attached a copy of the responsibilities of the District Ride Coordinator and the Chapter Ride Coordinator.  If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email.

Don Walloch
District Ride Coordinator
Chapter K Director
Email: dcwalloch@gmail.com
Phone: 715-459-2449